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Soak Away Stress With These Cozy Bath Products

There’s nothing more relaxing after a long busy day in the office, especially on a cold chilly night, than a soothing soak in the tub and melting all of the day’s stress away. Yes, scheduling in time for a soothing bath might seem like an extraneous task, but spending even just 10-15 minutes sitting in foamy, bubbly water can give you deep relaxation, and a restful night's sleep after.

From the most luxurious bath bombs to the frothiest of bath bubbles, we’ve rounded up the best bath products out there just for you! Now you know what's on tonight's agenda!

Aveda Stress Fix Soaking Salts

Soak away the day’s lingering stress by adding Aveda’s aromatic salt in your soothing soak. Its trio of lavender, lavandin, and clary sage essences is known for its ability to relieve and release stressful feelings. Add some calming music to the background and hit peak relaxation!


Mario Badescu Seaweed Bubble Bath & Shower Gel

This bath gel doesn't mess around. It contains an invigorating blend of extracts of nori and bladderwrack, which leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Time to trade in that old bar soap for this!


Lush Bubble Bar in Karma

Feel blissful before bed time! Get an instant lift with Lush’ signature exotic orange and patchouli fragrance –it comes from refreshing sweet orange, lemongrass, and lavandin oils, as well as pine oil, which helps to clear the mind while also adding a fresh, green note.


Origins Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath

If your skin is in need of some serious pampering look no further than this Origin’s cream bubble bath! It helps stiffness subside and the relaxes away tensions and invigorates weary bodies.


Chanel No. 5 The Foaming Bath

Chanel never fails to deliver the best—same goes for this foaming bath! It delivers that ultimate relaxation and freshness infused with a sensous scent that awakens your senses, and leaves skin soft and supple.


Goop Bath Soaks


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Brand-new bath products from Goop are here! Just recently, Gwyneth Paltrow launched a line that consists of five bath soak formulas that target specific needs. They have The Martini for an emotional detox bath, G.Nite for bedtime, G.Tox for detoxifying, Phys. Ed. for physical recovery, and Nurse! to boost the immune system. Each bag of salts is $35 and is available on


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