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The 5 Best Foot Scrubs To Pamper Your Feet

It’s time to give those feet a good old slough-session! If you’re still thinking about which scrub is best for your feet, take heart—we’ve found some of the best scrubs around for attacking a rainbow of foot complaints.  


Lush Cosmetics Volcano Foot Mask

Like a volcano ready to erupt, this foot mask is extremely fierce. A blend of kaolin and pumice fill in cracks and aid sore calluses while papaya, lemon juice, tomatoes, and potatoes assist anti-fungall oils to wipe feet clean of any obnoxious odors.


The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub

An alternative to rock ‘n roll, rub The Body Shops’s explosive foot exfoliant made with volcani rock over feet in circular motion for an explosive massage that sloughs off hard-to-scrape dirt and calluses.


Aveda Foot Relief

We love a good multi-tasker! A gentle foot treatment perfect for sensitive feet that moisturizes and deodorizes—this clever little scrub really does it all!


Dr. LeWinn’s Revitalizing Hand & Foot Polish

A coarse sea salt scrub for really dry, cracked skin with rejuvenating scents of citrus fruits to leave feet perfectly soft, smooth and polished.

Bio Sculpture Potpourri Salt Scrub

Another sweet-smelling favorite of the many, this scrubs hits all the right whiff notes—with intoxicating scents of rose petals and chamomile wafting out as you treat your feet, elbows, knees and is great scooped into your foot bath for a moisturizing foot treat.