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The Wedding Beauty Timeline: The Essential Guide For Every Bride Getting Ready For Her Big Day

So, you’re finally getting married—the venue and caterer are sorted, your wedding dress has been sketched, you've created mood boards for your florist, and you have a spectacular wedding guest list. Everything goes just as planned. That's until you look in the mirror and realize that you haven’t worked and planned out your beauty prep just yet (a crucial factor if we may say so!) Don’t freak out—because we’re here to help! To avoid any last-minute beauty fiascos, we’ve put together a bridal beauty prep guide and timeline just for you! From when to schedule your hair color appointments to having a pre-wedding facial, this checklist will help you achieve that blushing bride glow!


5-6 months before your wedding:

Develop a nutrition and fitness plan. If you want to lose weight before your big day, now is the time to get you started on a health and fitness plan. You may opt to sign up for a yoga class, hire a personal trainer, or just go for a  regular 20-minute walk after dinner.

Examine your eating habits. Try to include more fruits, veggies, and whole foods into every meal. But don’t crash diet or seriously deprive yourself. Watch what you drink too! Swap sugary drinks for water or herbal tea from now on.

Get serious about skincare. If you’re not sure about your current skincare products, now is the perfect time to revamp. Start with a good cleansing and moisturizing program, and consider consulting a dermatologist or making appointments for monthly facials to prepare that bridal glow.



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3-4 months before your wedding:

Schedule your initial hair and makeup consultations. Make consultation appointments with potential makeup artists. Ready your beauty pegs, analyze them and think if that look makes your facial features standout.

Book your hair appointments. If you have a regular hairstylist, call him/her already and schedule your hair to be trimmed and color touched-up every eight weeks.



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1-2 months before your wedding:

Get your brows in shape. Drop the tweezers because it’s now time to leave your brows to a professional. Treat yourself to a shaping so you can work on maintain them for the next few weeks, plucking only a few strays here and there.

Finalize your wedding day hair and makeup looks. If you’re to use any accessories with you like any hairpieces or veil, this is the perfect time to try it on. Take a photo once they’ve got your look done to see how everything looks like in photos.



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1-3 weeks before your wedding:

Indulge in a facial. Better get this ahead or weeks before your big day because you know, this beauty treatment can sometimes cause irritation or redness to skin.



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Get a manicure and a pedicure. Keep your nails trimmed and clean, and stay away from acrylics and gels so your nails get stronger. It’s also a good idea to avoid bold and bright colors—pink and neutral shades are the most bridal-y (although we're all for creating your own signature look!)

Whiten your teeth. Do it either with a professional or just get yourself an at-home whitening kit, which typically takes two weeks to show results.

Book a body scrub. You can either splurge on a spa treatments or spend an extra five minutes in the shower with a salt scrub.

Deep condition your hair. Give your hair some TLC with a hair mask or hot oil treatment to keep it shiny on your wedding day. Trim any split ends and you're good to go! 


The day before your Big Day:

Get a good night's sleep. While it may be tempting to chit chat with your bridesmaids all night long, now is not a good time to do it. You want to be refreshed and rested for a frantic and full day ahead. Shut your peepers early, use a sleep mask, and set your alarm early so you can have a nutritious breakfast!

Smile. Nothing makes a bride prettier than a genuine smile and a happy disposition. Let go of any anxiety and just let fate take over! Congratulations!


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