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This Is Your Newest Slice Of Paradise In The City

Correct us if we’re wrong but these days, it seems like finding time to unwind and relax winds up last on our list of our priorities. With our extremely busy schedules, it's pretty hard to take time out for self-care and give ourselves that much needed moment to just tune out and rest. But while the constant drive to be busy occupies majority of our time, finding ways to fit rest and relaxation is vital, because not only can it keep our physical health in check, but our mental health as well.

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Photo by Timothy Choy on Unsplash


And speaking of relaxation, perhaps the first thing that would cross your mind when you think of it would be an amazing spa experience. This may seem like a luxury that only those with a little too much time and money on their hands would go for, but it's actually the stressed and busy among us who can benefit the most from the stress-relieving qualities of a luxurious spa experience. 

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We know you don't need much convincing in the aspect of relaxation, so we're here to let you in on a new spa in the city that offers extraordinarily unusual, and impressive ways to unwind!  From the finest ingredients and top-skilled therapists, to groundbreakingly beautiful surroundings, you'll surely find yourself in spa heaven in this newly opened place!



Situated inside the Okada Manila, The Retreat Spa was recently launched to Manila's discerning crowd. It provides guests a full-service wellness center, featuring progressive massage techniques, body and beauty treatments, and a holistic spa experience. Upon arrival, guests are immediately greeted and welcomed by friendly attendants for a personalized therapy consultation while freshening up with a welcome drink made of Tagaytay-grown Kale and Calamansi.



The Retreat Spa offers a unique menu of body-mind healing and wellness therapies that are highly influenced by the Orient. One of their therapies is called "Mindful Dreams", which helps aid guests get better sleep. Another one we love is based on an ancient form of meditation and treatment called Kundalini, a grounding therapy that dissolves negativity for those who are feeling mentally exhausted. The spa’s "Anahata therapy", on the other hand, helps heal the heart chakra when it is overwhelmed with emotions.



The Retreat Spa also offers the "Wave Dream Meditation Chamber", which is actually the first in Southeast Asia. Here, guests can relax to the sounds and images of rippling water as light is projected on to the ceiling. For this facility, they used a high-power LED light projection system to help you achieve total relaxation.

Other signature massages include the "Oriental Harmony", a dry massage that combines Thai massage, Shiatsu, and Duyan—their take on the traditional deep-pressure hilot massage. They also have packages dedicated for couples, The Retreat Spa’s "His and Her" experience allows partners to spend quality time together and reconnect through various therapies and treatments designed especially for two. One special feature of the “journey” is allowing couples to mix and match their desired beauty and spa therapies to pamper and rejuvenate them.



The Retreat Spa is truly the newest one-stop shop for one’s relaxation, pampering, beauty and grooming needs. Consider it your quick escape from the city, in the city—one that transports you to a heavenly experience within arm's reach. Time to put much-needed relaxation on your to-do list!



Visit The Retreat Spa at the 3/F Pearl Wing of Okada Manila, New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City, Paranaque City. For more info, check out Lead photos courtesy of The Retreat Spa