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Wellness And Prime Pampering At Primea

Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Thai, combination—you name it, and if you’re talking massage, count me in. But what I’ve never tried is the Turkish Hammam Spa Treatment, followed by the Terra Touch Massage. That double shot of pampering is only available at the Spa, Discovery Primea, and I finally got the chance to try it out the other weekend. There is a Hammam Room at the Chi Spa, Shangri-la EDSA; but coupling it with the Terra Touch, that’s the Primea specialty. And trust me, this was 2 hours of sheer bliss.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. After you basically strip down to a towel around your waist, you enter the Hammam Room which is dominated by the marble top, tiled slab in the center of the room. There’s hot steam emanating from the vent, and this is the first portion of the treatment—a steam bath of around 15 minutes. If this was cooking, this is the defrost and tenderize stage for our bodies. And for those who feel stifled by the moist fog and heat, there’s an iced towel you can wrap around your face, a pitcher of water, and a small ‘tabo’ for pouring water over your body. But yes, if you relax, it does feel good to just let the steam take over, develop that film of perspiration, and wait for the next step of Hammam. 

The relaxing Massage Room for Couples at Primea


As the steam is cleared, your attendant enters the room and we’re asked to lie on the marble slab. If you want to do this in pairs, the slab accommodates two persons. The Hammam mitts then begin to scrub away, all over the body this one; and you can say if she’s scrubbing too hard. Here, I felt like I was car being polished, with all the old skin being scoured from my body. After a systematic scrub down, Olive Soap is poured over over bodies via a towel soaked in the liquid soap. Bubbles envelope you at this point, and it was great how the bubbles would form a little bit of density as they were lathered onto your skin. After this effervescent lathering, the soapy film is washed off and that completes the Hammam part of the treatment. You get off the slab, leave the Hammam room, and enter the massage room.

The Hammam Room at the Spa, Discovery Primea

Essential Oils are used for the Terra Touch, to help recondition and relax your body. It’s ironic that we often judge good massages based on whether we fell asleep during the massage; but honestly, this one knows how to balance between delicate and firm, so it’s like you’re really being lulled into peaceful slumber. So yes, I’ll admit I fell asleep and can’t provide details of the massage; but I guess that’s the strongest recommendation!


The array of Essential Oils used during the Terra Touch Massage

Hot Ginger tea is the after-massage beverage offered, something to calm your digestive system and just perpetuate that feeling of warmth and relaxation. And trust me, you going to hate that this sensory and bodily treat has come to an end. 


The Apres Massage Ginger Tea - all part and parcel of the Treatment

There’s a ongoing special promotion at the Primea Spa where a packaged price of around P6,000/person gives you the full Hammam and Terra Touch as described above. Recharging your body is always a welcome occurrence, and this Hammam Plus Terra Touch Massage does it like no other!