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Adele Has Lost A Ton Of Weight After Being On This Diet!

Her diet made her lose weight quickly, as it activated 'skinny gene' pathways that mimic the effects of diet and exercise!

Adele, the 32-year-old Grammy Award winner and vocalist behind some of the most iconic songs of our time, wowed the world recently with her sudden drop in weight. In an Instagram post, she captioned her weight loss photo with a totally unrelated caption, but we could not deny how amazing she looks in that black mini dress with billowy sleeves:

Taking the world by surprise, she cutely poses for the camera, with matching good vibes that oozes effortlessly from the screen. Just like the rest of us, Adele has been on quarantine to help flatten the curve, and as seen in her caption, she wishes to thank first responders and essential workers in the UK for risking their lives for everyone else's sake.

Adele at the 2013 Grammys
Adele at the 2013 Grammys | The Huffington Post
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Naturally, we are very curious about what the superstar singer did in order to shed all the weight in such a short amount of time. According to Daily Express, Adele lost '7 stone', roughly 100 pounds by being on the Sirtfood Diet! Surely this diet is no easy feat!

The Sirtfood Diet: What is it?

Adele has reportedly been on the Sirtfood Diet, which according to their official website is "the newest and latest strategy for health, nutrition, and weight loss." They say it is a quick way to lose weight, without extreme dieting by activating the 'skinny gene' pathways of the body. These 'skinny gene' pathways are usually just induced by exercise and fasting.

By being on this diet, one is able to activate such 'skinny gene' pathways—as certain foods contain polyphenols that put mild stress on our cells, "turning on genes that mimic the effects of fasting and exercise." The great part about being on this diet is that taste isn't sacrificed, and muscle isn't lost as well. In addition, adding food rich in polyphenols actually help improve your overall health too!

Check out some samples of Sirtfoods in the gallery below:

By injecting these into your diet, you are guaranteed that these foods "trigger the sirtuin pathways that impact metabolism, aging and mood." How then can we start on our own Sirtfood program?

The Two Phases

The first phase of the program lasts for seven days, wherein on the first three days, one must have three Sirtfood green juices and one full meal rich in sirtfoods. This totals to 1,000 calories a day. On the fourth day onwards, one must increase the calories to 1,500 cals per day, by having two green juices and two full meals.

The next phase of the program involves a 14-day maintenance phase wherein the weight loss happens at a more steady pace. One can eat three full sirtfood-rich meals and one green juice per day. These two phases can be repeated again for anyone wanting to give their weight loss and health a boost!

Green juice, a Sirtfood diet staple
Green juice, a Sirtfood diet staple

If you are interested in trying this diet out, we recommend reading up on the Sirtfood Diet in the many books available in the market today: 

Lead photos via NY Times, The Telegraph, and @adele