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Refresh And Hydrate The Healthy Way This Summer—Here's How!

The heat is reaching its peak, here's how to keep cool and keep yourself nourished at the same time!

"It's sooo hot"—a line I've said, read, and heard so many times this past week. It only means the summer is truly upon us. Beach trips, out of town getaways (or lack thereof—a.k.a staying at home) calls for ways to refresh and recharge amidst the sweltering heat.

But how do we do it the healthy way? Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are one way! But mind you—not all juices are created equal! Do you know how it's made? What materials are used to store it? What kind of fruits and veggies are mixed together? Are they in right quantities? With health brand Areté Lifestyle, you're sure of the quality of all these. 

Born out of the desire to find alternatives to pills and endless hospital visits, the team behind Areté Lifestyle confesses to doing their personal research and making efforts to find ways to treat their conditions—including lupus, hyperacidity, and GERD. "We started doing our research and stumbled upon numerous articles, research studies and possible supplements and alternatives that could be of help to us. One of the things we stumbled upon was cold-pressed juicing which we then decided to give a try", shares Angel Quijano, Founder and CEO of Areté Lifestyle.

Non-Caffeinated Drinks That Give You A Natural Kick


Non-Caffeinated Drinks That Give You A Natural Kick

While juicing is nothing new in the wellness world, incorporating this practice could be a great benefit during this time, especially now that we are still in a pandemic. "After a few weeks of daily cold-pressed juicing, we could all see and feel the difference. Our acidity levels, bowel movement, immunity to our usual triggers, energy, mental clarity, mood, sharpness, skin, aura and overall health was in the best place it's been in a very long time. It truly was life changing for us. Hard to believe, right? We were more than happy just juicing and trying these new health tips and discoveries we were experimenting with for ourselves and at most, sharing them with our families and close friends who’d ask because they noticed the difference in us", Angel shares. 

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Here’s A Keto-Pescatarian Diet Service Perfect For Your Lenten Sacrifice (And Weight Loss Goals!)

The team felt the need to do something with this newfound discovery, and not just for sake of entrepreneurial success, but to create something that would be of help in the world right now. They go on to share, "We decided to at least try and help do something during the pandemic and this is where Areté Lifestyle was born—from the urgent and serious need and demand for authentic health products that can help promote great health and high immunity and their couldn’t have been a more perfect time to share this with the world. We found deep purpose in helping others health up, and to of course, share that level of great holistic health, feeling and natural high we were experiencing. It was a priceless feeling." And for this, we have them to thank!

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Here's A Super Simple 5-Point Guide For The Sleep-Deprived To Get More Restful Sleep

Why the name Areté, you ask. It directly translates to virtue or excellence. But the team resonates more with its second, deeper meaning—"being your highest self". Now to be the highest version of ourselves, we truly have to prioritize health in all its forms, and nourishing our bodies with the right kinds of food and drinks—and that can begin by investing in cold pressed juices by Areté. 

The Areté difference

Quality is the name of the game at Areté, and before they choose to sell something, they make sure their highest standards are met. Glass bottles and reusable insulated bags are utilized by this brand, to help ensure sustainability and love for Mother Earth.

Angel shares that juicing isn't as simple as buying a juicer and juicing any fruit and vegetable you see—"I personally know this as I have too many fond and funny memories of these birthing pains and hiccups I encountered in the beginning because I thought it was easy peasy and boy, was I wrong. I had no idea which fruits and veggies worked best with each other when paired and which cancelled out each other’s health benefits, I did not know that some ingredients are not allowed to be juiced through a juicer or it depletes all nutrients, I did not know about oxidation and carbonation or the difference between centrifugal and slow juicers, I did not know how to properly mix and contain the sugar and calorie content of each juice variant and these mistakes could make cold-pressed juicing very counter-productive and harmful instead of helpful and beneficial to our health. This is when we got an expert on board, a good friend and Chef-Nutritionist, Dhan, who was not only in charge of creating the PERFECT juice, but she was also responsible for expanding and perfecting our product line into 10 flavors and variants." 

The Areté lineup:

***Cold-pressed juices, 350ml for P250 

1. Energize Juice

2. Skin Bloom Juice

3. Immunity Booster Juice

4. Keto Juice

5. Weight Loss Juice

6. Hangover Fix Juice

7. Pure Celery Juice (the only one that comes in a 350 ml and 500ml option as 500ml is truly the correct dosage especially if you are going through a certain illness of any kind or simply wanting to maximize and reap the benefits of this miracle juice) 

8. Insomnia Buster Juice

9. Detox water kit at p999 or p100 for 4 packs for refill or ala carte orders

10. Essential shots, 30 ml concentrate of ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon, turmeric root, apple cider and orange. 

To order, send them a direct message on Instagram @aretelifestyleph.