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Don't Succumb To A Fad Diet After Holiday Bingeing

After the holiday bingeing comes the task of putting our health back in shape. But more often than not, we take drastic measures that may not be healthy at all, sometimes paying huge amounts of money for the promise of weight loss that fails to materialize.

Haven’t you noticed how fad diets come and ?go? In the next few months, expect another fad diet with a catchy name to surface, only to die an early death. Here are some truths about them:

1. People follow diets that promise a quick and easy weight loss. They tend to shy away from healthy diets that promise to lower the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease because these involve long-term outcomes with results that are not immediately seen.

2. People look for compelling reasons to motivate themselves to lose weight, like an upcoming high school reunion. But my advice is to set your goal in advance and never go for the quick fix because there is none in weight loss.

3. Diets that promise you can lose more than two pounds per week are not being truthful. The average overweight person cannot lose more than two pounds of fat. The initial weight loss is more of fluid loss, which happens if you restrict carbohydrates altogether.

My best advice for those? who want to lose weight after the holidays: don’t starve yourself! Instead, control your portions. If? you love a high calorie? dish, cut the portion size of that food slowly until you? can do without it. Use the plate method and put equal portions of carbs, protein and fat. Just avoid the temptation to eat more, stay away from the buffet and eat slowly. Go for a diet that you can live with for the rest of your life. If you can’t, then it’s a clue that it’s not a good diet for you. Yes, it's really that simple. Enjoy yourself during the holidays, and if you must indulge, brace yourself for the remorse that comes after!