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Erwan Heussaff Shares A Healthy Baby Food Menu That You Can Eat And Enjoy

Why prepare you baby’s food separately when you can eat the exact same thing for a healthier diet?

Having a baby around changes a lot of things, especially food preparation. Babies usually have their own “baby food,” either bought in jars from the supermarket or prepared fresh before each meal. But have we ever thought of eating what our baby eats? Erwan Heussaff has—and he has broken down the diet of his baby, Dahlia, to make food preparation at home easier and healthier.

“At first, baby food seemed so alien to me,” says Erwan on his vlog, Eating What My Baby Eats. “But as you start discovering different ingredients and trying different ingredients, I actually realized that I can make baby food that both Dahlia and I can eat.”

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The Macronutrient Matrix a.k.a. Baby Food Formula

Baby food is really simple. At first, you start by giving your baby some ingredients to try, and then you watch to see if they have any adverse effects or reactions. Obviously, there are food stuff that you shouldn’t try feeding your baby early on such as choking hazards, allergens, and food that don’t digest well for kids just yet.

As you understand your baby’s reactions to the food, you’ll then be able to start putting and cooking things together. And usually, we would look to baby food recipe books calling for bland, soupy food that should be easy to digest.

But upon closer inspection, Erwan realized that there are only two things that you need to think about when preparing baby food: micronutrients—which usually come from fruits and peanut butter—and macronutrients. And when it comes to macronutrients, there’s only three things that you need: fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

If you think about it, these exact proportions and ingredients are not just what our baby should be eating; it’s also what we should be eating on a daily basis! One serving of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and micronutrients every meal.

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Erwan realized, why should you make three different meals for the family and three separate meals specifically for the baby, if you can both eat the same thing? It’s a simpler and healthier way of eating. You try to represent one food group in one ingredient, and then just come up with creative ways to make it tasty.

The secret is keeping it simple and healthy. And season well!

Check out the full menu that Erwan created, using the same ingredients for Dahlia’s meal and for his own.

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Erwan uses the same base ingredient for breakfast, which is oatmeal. For Dahlia, grind the oats to make oat flour and mix with some milk to make baby cereal. For himself, he cooks the oatmeal with some milk over the stove. He then tops both with fruits like strawberry and banana, and adds some peanut butter for fat.

Erwan notes that fruits are a good way to add micronutrients to your diet and also a good way to sweeten a meal without adding artificial sugar.

Lunch: Chicken and hummus

When creating a lunch or dinner meal, Erwan encourages you to ask yourself: “What do you, as an adult, enjoy eating and how can you make it baby safe?” So for lunch, he cooks some chicken with olive oil in the oven. He then steams and blends a mix of sweet potatoes, apples, and chickpeas.

To serve, he cuts up the chicken and includes a serving of mango for Dahlia. For his meal, he salts the chicken and seasons the hummus. Easy peasy.

Dinner: Salmon and corn chowder

To start, Erwan remove the kernels from the corn. He then steams this with some cauliflower, and then blends it with broth or coconut milk to achieve a chowder consistency. For the protein, he sears some ginger and onion in oil before adding the salmon, cooking it with paprika, turmeric, and coconut milk. Mild spices are okay for babies (salt, not so much) so you don’t have to keep feeding them bland food.

To serve, he tops the chowder with shredded salmon for Dahlia, and then seasons his own with fish sauce.

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Bonus meal: Shepherd’s pie

This is a dish that both you and your baby will surely love! To start, chop up some vegetables, whichever you have at home, like onions and cauliflowers. Boil the vegetables until tender and then puree.

Fry some ground beef with olive oil and onions. Stir in some Greek yoghurt for flavor. For the adult version, season the beef with salt and pepper.

For final touches, layer the pureed vegetables on top of the beef, and then sprinkle some cheese. Cook in the oven until the cheese is melted.

Watch Erwan’s full vlog on baby food as the next big thing in diet below: