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Gina Lopez Champions Health & Wellness In 2018

On January 20 (Saturday), Lopez leads a G Stuff Health & Wellness Talk at the Ground Floor Function Room of One Rockwell West Tower, Rockwell Center, Makati, from 9:00am to 12:00nn.

Lopez, who turned 64 over the Christmas holidays, doesn't feel a day older. "I am happier and healthier than when I was 18. I had cancer and I didn’t even feel it. I must be doing something right,” said Lopez. This is a reflection of a health-driven mindset but also in her belief in “a lot of healthy things that … if it works,  works.”

Lopez, who believes that eating well is a pillar of good health, will talk about, among other things, the herbs she uses religiously.

Lopez has also invited guest speakers who are proponents of health and wellness practices in their field. Her close friend Jetro, the founder of Van Gogh Is Bipolar in Sikatuna, Quezon City will give a short talk on ‘Oxygen Food’. 

Frank Quilas who heads the Clairvision School of Meditation in the Philippines will talk about the Inner Space Technique, a system of releasing your emotional energy through Inner Space Interactive Sourcing. A free IST session with Frank will be raffled off to participants of the talk.

Rhiza Gomez will introduce ‘Bulletproof Coffee,’ a high-performance drink that has a massive impact on energy and cognitive function. 

Eli Abella will explain ‘Biohacking’—a method of manipulating the internal and external environment that allows practitioners to upgrade their body, mind, and life. A demonstration of biohacking with the use of specific gadgets will be part of the talk experience.


Believing that health and wellness is not just physical, Lopez intimates that “it is a result of integration of psychological, emotional and even spiritual realms. Company is key. You need to be surrounded by wise, joyful, positive people who can be a supportive part of your grateful flow in life.”

For reservations, please call 0905 150 8990 or email or Fee is P200/person.