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Gina Lopez Talks Cancer Cures: Oxygen Food And Virgin Coconut Oil

Last month, health advocate Gina Lopez held her first G Stuff Health & Wellness Talk at One Rockwell West Tower, Rockwell Center, Makati. Gina, who has just turned 64, shared some of her secrets to staying healthy and strong, and featured guest speakers who spoke of the curative powers of “oxygen food” and virgin coconut oil (VCO).

Oxygen Food

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”—and this holds especially true when your body needs all the good fuel it can get to fight something as bad as cancer. Gina shared the story of Jetro, the founder of quirky and healthy restaurant Van Gogh Is Bipolar in Quezon City, who cured his partner of Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer through a simple diet using what they call “oxygen food.”

“All food has energy but if you cooked it and then you fry it, you’re actually killing the life force in the food,” Gina explained. “So what Jetro does is he cooks the food in a little hot water—he doesn’t even fry the food. And then you pour VCO after. Jethro gave his partner that and he said after, on the 5th day, his partner excreted the tumor. And he doesn’t lie, that’s what he told me. And in 10 days, they went back to the doctor and he was cured.”

An example of these so-called oxygen food are vegetables cooked in hot water, and then VCO and coconut milk is added afterwards.

“It’s the food you eat that makes up your cells and you can’t just eat whatever you want and just think that you’ll be okay. It’s like a misunderstanding or a misperception of the reality of health. So food is really important.”


Gina Lopez's Health & Wellness talk last month at 8 Rockwell


Virgin Coconut Oil

Gina also emphasized how VCO has been instrumental to the success of keeping her body healthy.

“VCO is good for brain health. I use it for everything. Literally everything. You can use it for (managing) diabetes, I know it helps for your Alzheimer’s, aids in digestion…I use it as a sunblock and I use it for the hair. It can be used as a skin moisturizer,” Gina gushes about how VCO can practically be used for everything.



She also shared the story of her friend, Jeannie Goulbourn, who has managed to overcome a life-threatening situation with the help of a good cleansing diet and is now staying healthy with VCO.

Two years ago, Jeannie caught a serious case of Bronchitis. It was so bad that she was having trouble staying asleep at night and that the doctors gave her nine different medications to drink and use everyday.

Like the obedient patient that everyone is advised to be, Jeannie followed her medications to the T. But it was only on the 65th day when she was brought to the US in a wheelchair that she realized what the overprescribed medications did to her body.

“They said it was overmedication. I brought all the bottles all the inhalations I had to do and they were shocked at all the medications that was prescribed to me,” Jeannie shared. “And so it was told me by a German doctor, I was on the Princess cruise line to Alaska, and she said, ‘Are you aware? Did the doctor in the Philippines tell you what these medications are for? Did you know that you took the drugs for tuberculosis, pneumonia, and asthma—but all you had was bronchitis?’ I was never told.”

“I totally lost my whole immune system. The good perfect number would be 8-10. I dropped to 1.6. In other words, if I got sick again, no pharmaceutical antibiotic would fix me up.”

Jeannie then went on an extreme detox to flush out all the chemicals she took from the medications and heal her body back.

“From then on, I’ve been using six juices a day and four big bowls of soup. All organic. Carrot juice until my hands turned orange. I was detoxed for 16 days of just liquids. I thought I won’t be able to handle it but when you’re so sick, you will grasp everything,” Jeannie shared. “The truth is I was preparing for my funeral. I wanted everybody to be dressed in fuchsia…I was preparing for a very happy joyous funeral for myself. I even laid out all the makeup and dresses that I was going to wear! That’s how bad it was. But I got healed on the 10th day of my detox. I suddenly felt life. I felt so good.”

After her natural cleansing, Jeannie has started incorporating VCO in everything she eats and puts in her body. “While I brush my teeth, I just put a mouthful of VCo. I wake up in the morning still with VCO on my skin because I use that as my moisturizer. I use coconut oil with brown sugar once a month, coconut oil with brown sugar and grated carrot which I have used for my juices. It’s fantastic.”

“I still continue to use it everyday for the past 12 years. I don’t use butter, I use coconut oil. When we do cookies, I fry with coconut oil. Absolutely no other oil except coconut oil for frying. So when Gina asked me to (talk about) this, I said, ‘Why not? I should share the good news.’ I’m 70 and I love it. I have so many big dreams. Don’t feel your age. Just keep dreaming big.”

In fact, using VCO is not only helpful to your body and your family’s wellness—it also helps tons of farmers who are producing VCO for G Stuff through the organization Investments in Loving Organizations for Village Economies or I Love.

“We have three VCO plants all over the country—one is in Palawan, and then one upcoming in Romblon, and then another one in Sarangani. And the whole objective of these VCO plants is to really help the communities there because we have 3 million coconut farmers and most of them are really really poor so we wanna be able to address that,” Gina said. “The dream of this I Love organization is to build the country from the bottom up. Create green models all over the country, which show that taking care of the environment and inclusive growth is the way to go.”

Also included in the talk were other guest speakers Dr. Frank Quilas, head of the Clairvision School of Meditation in the Philippines, who talked about Inner Space Technique, a system of releasing emotional energy; Rhiza Gomez, who introduced a high-performance drink called Bulletproof Coffee; and Eli Abella, who explained a method to manipulate environments to achieve mental and physical health called Biohacking.

Gina talked about a range of products with health benefits as well, including Nipa Sugar and Syrup, medicinal drink Cardiac Brew, Turmeric Tea, and DoTerra oils.


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