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How To Not Binge On Noche Buena

Christmas Day is a holiday season to celebrate good times together, to feast and exchange gifts. It’s one occasion we all look forward to, but for someone suffering or recovering from an eating disorder, Christmas can mean panic, fear and overwhelm. But fret no more, here, we compiled the simple diet and lifestyle hacks that will help you survive the holidays.


Start eating early.

One of the best ways to prevent overeating on Christmas Day is simple, have a healthy and filling breakfast in the morning to ensure you do not arrive hungry and minimize the likelihood of eating everything insight.


Exercise regularly.

Morning walks, an extra gym session and active family activities are all ways to include exercise as an integral part of the holiday season. And the best way to commit? Plan ahead. Schedule it and where possibly commit it to the first things in the morning before other distractions pop up during the day.


Eat a little of everything.

The temptation to binge eating during holidays becomes huge if you are faced with a lavish buffet of your favorite dishes. And some even fill their plates with one food. The smart thing to do is to take a small amount of the various foods you love at once. Just make sure you don’t heap your plate.


Monitor your weight.

Check your weight at least once or twice a week during the holiday season. This may be all you need to stop your weight creeping upwards. This way, as soon as you see the scales start to rise, you can cut back rather than gaining 3-5 kg and then having to do the hard yards to work them off. 


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