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Is Hydrogen Water From The Fountain Of Youth?

We've all heard about drinking 8 glasses of water a day and what wonders it can do to our bodies—hydration, anti-aging, anti-stress, and basically an overall practice for wellness. Now the buzzword is Hydrogen water, best known as HWater in the health and wellness world, and is gradually gaining popularity all over the world for its supposed endless list of health benefits. 



Christmas came early ???? After a year of research and development , we are finally ready to launch the latest technology in drinking water?? Aivee water ??H+ Technology makes hydrogen water from normal drinking water in our sleek portable Aivee water device ?????? Aivee Hydrogen water: . 1) reduces inflammation in our body ? , 2) anti aging ? 3)Prevents disease like diabetes , parkinsons & Alzheimers ? 4) Strengthens our immune system?. 5) Increases our metabolism and helps in weight loss ? 6) Keeps our skin young and rejuvenated with amazing anti-oxidants ? . This 2018 , we want to emphazise healthy living ???? Which means eating well and drinking well wherever we go ????????????? . . . #AiveeWater #MolecularHydrogenWater #AntiAging #RevolutionaryWater #HealthyLifestyle #Upgradeyourwaterupgradeyourlife #AiveeClinic #AiveeLeague #AiveeLeaguer

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Locally, the Aivee Clinic is one of the reliable suppliers of the hydrogen water maker bottle. It is currently available at an introductory price of P15,000 in all Aivee Clinics. For more info, click here

In theory, the mere fact that these bottles get people to drink way more water than they're used to is a good thing. Be it HWater or not, a high intake of water per day is already good enough to improve your overall health. What then, is the edge of Hydrogen Water? HWater is basically H2 gas dissolved in water. Not to be mistaken as alkaline water, HWater boasts of hydrogen molecules that act as powerful antioxidants in the body.



Today's product highlight: Belo Hydro 2.0! Available in all #Belo clinics since June last year, the Hydrogen Water bottle helps in treating a variety of health problems. — How? — Hydrogen is an anti-oxidant which helps reduce body inflammation. So when you drink water rich with hydrogen, the risk of getting health problems caused by inflammation such as chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, even Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases are reduced. Aside from these, it can help to deal with stress and muscle fatigue. — These health benefits are easily achieved by simply pressing the 'ON' button on the bottle and drinking the Hydrogen water. Our unit is made of GLASS (not plastic), very portable and rechargable so you can consume it anywhere you go. — For more information: ?? 819-2356 ?? ??

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Belo Beauty, apart from its wide range of cosmetic and wellness offerings, adds Hydrogen Water to its list of must-try products. For more info, click here

Among the health benefits of hydrogen water, these are the ones that sound promising to us:

1. Anti-wrinkle and anti-sun damage;
2. Anti-diabetes and blood pressure;
3. Anti-tumor and acidic pH;
4. Anti-obesity and cholesterol;
5. Anti-inflammation & free radicals;
6. Anti-stress and fatigue. 

Preventing the abovementioned common health and aging problems are enough to get us convinced that including HWater in our routine can really do us good. No chemical intake, no complicated procedure to follow, nothing invasive—sounds like a win-win! 


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According to the Hydro 2.0 Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Maker, "hydrogen is our best defense against free radicals." Free radicals are said to be the agents that attack our cells, leading to disease and aging. Apart from detoxifying and eliminating free radicals, regular intake of HWater helps support younger-looking skin, reduce cellulite and wrinkles, and regulates blood pressure and stabilize bad cholesterol. If you're already a fan of drinking tons of water a day, then upgrading to this practice seems like the logical next step!



Owning a portable hydrogen water maker bottle is a smart choice for most of us living on-the-go!


Lead photo via Jenni Epperson and Pexels