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Local Filipino Herbal Remedies And Ingredients To Add To Your Pantry And Garden

Stock up on these locally available superfood and natural ingredients to keep your body healthy and fit

Now more than ever, natural medicine, vegan skincare, organic food, and natural remedies have taken center stage. In a world where everything is artificially created, where nutrients and minerals are swapped for cheaper chemical alternatives, more people are turning to healthier means of living. In fact, in 2017, the global herbal supplements market size was valued at USD 5.26 billion, which was heavily influenced by the shift of awareness towards natural products, preventive healthcare, and the increasing spending on health and wellness.

The Philippines is lucky to have rich natural resources and a flora so diverse that sourcing natural products and ingredients is easier and cheaper here than anywhere else in the world. And although natural medicine has yet to completely replace traditional pharmaceuticals, many herbs, plants, and superfoods have been endorsed by commercial brands that advocate healthy living, naturopathy doctors, and even recommended by the Department of Health (DOH) through its “Traditional Health Program” to help keep the body healthy and in tip top shape. With the age-old adage “prevention is better than cure,” keeping your body strong gives you a better fighting chance against many illnesses, especially as you age.


Local Under-the-Radar Wellness Brands We Love

More importantly, in these times where a healthy body with a strong immune system is key in fighting off the notorious Covid-19 virus, it doesn’t hurt to stock up on healthy superfood and herbal remedies for that health boost or emergency remedy.

So we’ve rounded up a list of superfood, herbs, and plants that are readily available locally and have been clinically tested to have medicinal value. These would be handy to store in your pantry or plant in your own personal garden.


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