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Struggling To Eat Clean During The Holidays? Here Are 3 Meal Deliveries You'll Love

Watch your diet during the holiday season with carefully planned meals that let you stay on the right track

Sure, the holidays are all about merriment and indulging, but come January, a huge bout of regret usually hits us—regret for overeating, regret for being too much of a couch potato, regret for all the drunken nights. January is a time for new beginnings, but what better way to open a new year (or decade) than by being in tip-top form? 

Think it's impossible to achieve? Think again!

While it's perfectly fine to have fun during this time of year when parties happen left and right, keeping your health and fitness routines in check is key to minimize regret after the fireworks have popped and gifts have been opened. 

Choosing a workout that works for you and feels like an enjoyable activity rather than punishment is key to breaking a sweat during this hectic time of year. Ultra Lagree? Rise Nation? How about Paddle Board Yoga? There are literally a ton of new exciting workouts in Manila that you're bound to love. The key? Trying out classes and finding out which one suits your fancy!

10 Excuses To Stop Making If You Want To Get Fit This Year


10 Excuses To Stop Making If You Want To Get Fit This Year

In terms of maintaining that #cleaneating streak you've been on for the past few months, we have to admit that it gets pretty tricky during Christmas and New Year's when you just want to #treatyoself nonstop! Treats here and there, and cheat meals from time to time are a great way to keep your sanity, but majority of the time, you should be staying on the clean eating route to minimize the damage 24/7 indulgence does to your body.

Ahead, we round up three of our favorite new meal plans/deliveries you can totally try to get you started on that holiday eating plan! Bon apetit!

The Meat Plant

Power bowls are a great way to ensure optimum nutrition especially for on-the-go lifestyles we lead today. The Meat Plant does just that by way of providing daily delivery of fresh meals consisting of healthy grains, veggies, lean protein, and a delectable sauce to round everything out. Sample bowls include the Korean Samgyup bowl, the Shawarma Crunch bowl, and the Tofu Sisig & Falafel bowl—yum! Order here.

Dr. Food

The Aivee Clinic may have a popular café dubbed the Aivee Café, but their venture into healthy, delicious food continues with Dr. Food, a chef-curated, nutritionist-approved diet program customized to each client’s needs. Apart from overall improved diet, Dr. Food also aids in a healthy weight-loss approach. Clients and even non-clients of the Aivee Clinic are given consultations, to help them navigate the oftentimes confusing world of food, way after they get their weight-loss treatments at the clinic. Order here.


Scared you might not be getting the recommended serving of veggies and fiber in a day? Isabel’s comes to the rescue with mouthwatering organic salad combinations you’ll typically only find at fancy restaurants. Only they get delivered to where you are, when you need it. Favorites include the Oriental Express, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, and the Salmon Pecan salad! Order here.

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