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These Are the Diet Trends Of The Moment—Find Out Which One Is Right For You

Now that summer has officially begun, it’s time to burn those unwanted fats and calories. We went around the metro to look for diet-friendly restaurants and consulted top nutritionist Mabelle Aban, to come up with a list of the latest diet and wellness tips to help you achieve the perfect bikini body this summer, and get you on your way to achieving your #FitnessGoals.


Intermittent fasting

If you can handle no food for 16 hours a day, intermittent fasting (IF) might be for you. With IF, your days are divided into feasting and fasting windows. During the fasting period, no solid food is allowed, but drinking water, black coffee, or tea is fine. However, you can indulge during the 8-hour feasting window. According to Crossfit Journal, IF limits food intake and conditions your body to use fat for energy. However, according to a study published by the Harvard Medical School, one thing to look out for is getting past the biological tendency to overeat on feasting days.   

To learn more about IF, click HERE and HERE.


Ketogenic diet

In principle, this diet is a food lover’s dream! The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that aims to put your body in a state of ketosis—where your body uses fat for energy. 70% of each meal is essentially fat. This increases ketones in the body which helps lower blood sugar and balances out fat burning hormones. But before you open that bag of chicharon, this diet needs to be done properly to avoid any unwanted health conditions like low blood sugar. While results may be seen in the short term, Ms. Aban indicated that she has yet to encounter any scientific studies on this diet’s long-term applications, putting into question if it’s a good one to follow for extended periods of time.

Check out Gourmet Gypsy Art Café for some Keto-friendly dishes that won’t sacrifice taste like Keto Raspberry Cheesecake and Keto Palabok. Or, you can try out Ketovegetarianph, a food delivery service for all your ketogenic needs.

For more information about the Ketogenic Diet , check out this link.


Essential oils

Known for their ability to improve mood and boost metabolism, essential oils can be mixed, diffused, or even added to tea! According to Nutrition and Anti-Aging Health News Daily, cinnamon oil helps control blood sugar and reduces sugar cravings. Lemon oil, on the other hand, dissolves fat and cleans toxins from the body.

To find oils that are essential for your lifestyle, browse the selections at The Casa Del Lorenzo, Human Nature or Healthy Options.



By going gluten-free, you can say goodbye to bread, oats, and wheat. Luckily, there are food groups that are naturally gluten-free like fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy. Aside from weight loss, this diet claims to improve health and increase energy. However, removing gluten from your diet might change the way your body takes in fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. That’s why it’s important to see a nutritionist before trying it out.

Diet trends are all great, but before trying any of them, it's always a good idea to seek the opinion of a licensed doctor or nutritionist. Strongly consider safety, effectiveness, and sustainability first. Don't do them on your own because you might be doing more harm than good to your body. It's better to tailor fit them into your lifestyle and health goals.