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Wellness News April 2021

Get ready to add three of our latest picks to your virtual cart!

Are you on the lookout for new wellness picks to add to your virtual cart? Look no further, for we've got three new picks you should be trying out today! For this edition of Wellness News, we're giving you a brand new tea line to fall in love with, a collagen drink that supports healthy, beautiful skin, and a supplement for helping you catch up on your beauty ZZZs! Keep scrolling!


Sekaya Botanic Infusions

Are you a bona fide tea fan? You'll be glad to know that your favorite Sekaya teas now come in eco-friendly tea bags! The line famous for its loose leaf teas has just released this easy-to-use line to encourage more Filipinos to embrace the wonder of tea!

Choose from their range of teas that aid in your health and assists the body's self-healing functions. The different tea infusions address a number of concerns, such as stomach discomfort, sleep quality, as well as mental alertness. The latest addition to their amazing lineup is the Immune Brew, which is exclusively available in teabags form. It contains organic echinacea, lemon balm leaves, olive leaf, elderflower, lemon peel, elderberries, goldenseal herb, and ginger root to help our bodily defenses and keep the common flu and simple infections at bay! Get yours here.


The Diet Coach Ultra Collagen Drink

Ever wonder why you need collagen? It's the most abundant substance in our body next to water, and it makes up 75% of our skin and is responsible for keeping it fresh and healthy. But as we age, we produce less of it, so supplementing with collagen is a must. This product that hails from Japan boasts of being able to promote healthy-looking, glowing skin with its 10,000mg of fish collagen (the gold standard of collagen). Fish collagen is rich in glycine and proline, both of which enrich and protect cells in the body by stimulating the production of collagen. Get yours here.


Trizie Night Z

Bid sleepless nights goodbye with this supplement that aims to give you quality beauty sleep every single night! It boasts of the 'DreamBoost Blend', which consists of L-Theanine, naturally found in tea, and Pharmagaba—both of which are amino acids that reduce anxiety and stress while boosting serotonin and dopamine levels that put you in a positive mood. It also has antioxidants like Gingko, Saffron, and Brahmi which fight away stress and anxiety, and boosts brain function. It also contains Chamomile, a natural sleep inducer. Chamomile has an antioxidant called apigenin that binds to specific receptors in the brain to calm you down. Last but not least is Vitamin C, which boosts immunity and allows body to go into repair mode while you doze off. 

The great thing about Night Z is it doesn't make you dependent on it, instead, it trains your body to sleep the right way, and wake up without grogginess and drowsiness. Get yours here.

This New Range of Vitamins And Supplements Is What You Need To Stay In Tiptop Shape


This New Range of Vitamins And Supplements Is What You Need To Stay In Tiptop Shape