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Check Out How The Coffee Bean Is Championing Efforts For Reforestation

CBTL also offers “A Tumbler For Tomorrow” to donate to the cause and help spread awareness to support the goal of reforestation


Ecosystems are complex and rich in differences. As a commitment to reforestation, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf teamed up with Philippine Parks & Biodiversity and Eco Explorations when they visited Mt. Balagbag at Ipo Watershed, Rizal.

Having the opportunity to be forest rangers, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf team gleaned the significance of Ipo Watershed as the watershed supplies 96% of Metro Manila’s water supply. 

At present, Metro Manila, one of the most densely populated areas in the country, being heavily reliant on one area reinforces that there is a strong need for reforestation as trees and forests play a vital role in protecting our water sources’ quality. As Metro Manila relies on Ipo Watershed, Ipo Watershed’s reforestation also heavily relies on our diligent forest rangers who manage and protects the area.

Sustainability is a chance for all of us to make better daily choices, collectively taking meaningful actions to create solutions together. Planting trees may seem like a simple action to take, right? But the process of restoring forests is much more complicated; it requires a continuous and collective effort, and a long-term sustainability plan needs to be ironed out before anything to ensure a positive social and environmental impact.

But whether taking baby steps or taking a leap, any step towards change is a powerful force to drive action.


Apart from the team’s reforestation efforts, CBTL also held a fundraising campaign last 2018 to provide solar lights for families living without electricity in the remote mountain community of Laginan, Sarangani province, as part of their social responsibility efforts through their Caring Cup program.

CBTL also offers “A Tumbler For Tomorrow” to donate to the cause and help spread awareness to support the goal of reforestation.

Watch this clip to know more about CBTL’s day with the forest rangers of Mt. Balagbag: 

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