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If You Think You've Seen Eco-Conscious, Think Again—Garnier Is Redefining "Green Beauty" Standards!

Biodegradable and compostable packaging, accessible recycling, and supporting "green education" in schools? Yes please!

If there's a will, there's a way.

And with Garnier's will that's pretty darn powerful if you ask us, they show us that it's always been possible for businesses to co-exist with the environment!

We come bearing good news for environment-caring fans of the French skincare and cosmetics brand.

Just this year, Garnier launched their Green Beauty initiative that lines up five concrete ways to become more eco-conscious, and best of all, you can be part of the project, too. The brand has promised to: make sourcing more sustainable, step up their product formulas, adopt renewable energy, increase recyclable and recycled packaging, and be more active in the global fight against plastic pollution. 

In the Philippines, these plans have come to life thanks to three different partnerships that will undoubtedly reset the bar for what it means to be a socially responsible brand. 

Check out what Garnier Philippines has in store for all of us!

L’Oréal Philippines Has Pledged To Be Completely Sustainable By 2030


L’Oréal Philippines Has Pledged To Be Completely Sustainable By 2030

The Green Parcel with Shopee, Sain Bags and Econest

Raise your hand if you've ordered something online and were appalled by the sheer amount of bubble wrap, tape, and layer upon layer of plastic packaging it came in. (Are you paying for the product or the cost of the plastic material—read, non-recyclable trash—it arrived in?)

Garnier is familiar with the eCommerce conundrum and while it agrees that products should be protected during shipment and delivery, it shouldn't be at the cost of the environment. And with online shopping at an all-time high thanks to living life under quarantine, indefinitely, they knew they had to act fast.

Enter, The Green Parcel, the first ever eCommerce packaging made exclusively out of honeycomb, cassava starch from renewable sources, and a smart mix of biodegradable materials. 

EcoNest has pledged to replace protective plastic packaging with a specially made honeycomb wrap, while Sain Bags is saving the day with cassava starch-made outer packaging. Expect to encounter these new takes on eco-friendly packaging when you shop for Garnier products on Shopee.

For those with a green thumb, there's a little extra something for you from Sain Bags: the material they use us 100% compostable, contains zero microplastic, and poses no threat to waterways, oceans, and the land itself. 

Check Out How The Body Shop Is Solving The Single Use Plastic Problem


Check Out How The Body Shop Is Solving The Single Use Plastic Problem

Green Spaces with Mercury Drug and Pink Flamingo

As much as it hurts hearts to use single-use plastic items, they're unavoidable at the moment. Garnier has single-use plastics in the form of sachets (an ubiquitous item in Filipino households), but rejoice! They no longer have to go to the trash, where the inevitable next step is the garbage truck, then the landfill. 

Instead, they can head straight to recycling plants where they'll be given a new purpose that's very noble indeed.

This is now an ongoing process thanks to Garnier's partnerships with Mercury Drug and Pink Flamingo; all Mercury Drug and Garnier patrons have to do is collect their used sachets, drop them off at designated stations in Mercury Drug stories, and they'll be forwarded to Pink Flamingo that'll use the materials in the construction of emergency shelters needed in times of calamities. 

Where To Donate Your Paper And Plastic Waste For Recycling And Reuse


Where To Donate Your Paper And Plastic Waste For Recycling And Reuse

Green Education with Edukasyon PH and the Green Education Program

You can teach adults how live greener lifestyles, but truly, your best best is to start early; instilling the values of sustainability and being environmentally conscious in children is one of the best ways to ensure that the next generations of humans to inhabit the earth will know exactly what to do, and what not to do, in order to to preserve the one and only planet they live on. 

Thanks to Garnier's partnership with the Green Education Program and Edukasyon PH, the largest EdTech platform for the Filipino youth, actual educational modules designed to deepen children and adolescents' understanding of what it means to live green are being developed. 

If, in this time, we're just learning how to become more eco-friendly, imagine what the world might be like if young people today already know and practice what we're only now discovering.

All of this should be enough to bring a smile to everyone's faces. 

Images via @garnierph