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This Beauty Brand Rewards You With Shopping Discounts If You Donate Your Plastic Waste To Them

They're part of an initiative that turns plastic waste into emergency shelters for Filipinos in need!

Garnier Philippines proves that it's the expert on green beauty once again!

The French beauty brand that was recently certified by Cruelty Free International champions a program that changes the way we manage our plastic waste. In partnership with Watsons and The Plastic Flamingo, Garnier hopes to make a difference in our lives, our environment, and in the beauty industry as a whole.

Here's how they're doing that. 

See, the thing about plastic is that it isn't inherently evil. 

Plastic keeps our food and drinks fresh, our beauty products contaminant-free, our gadgets, appliances, cars, and houses running, and our bodies safe from COVID-19 via face masks and shields! Almost every single thing we touch day in and day out has some plastic component in it, so we shouldn't vilify something that was invented to make life easier and safer.

The problem, really, is us. 

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Over time, we developed an over-dependence on an otherwise life-saving material, becoming blinded by convenience and disposable-ness. We chuck plastic in the trash because it's easier than recycling, we prefer single-use plastic because it doesn't require us to wash up and store, and we most definitely love the idea of our plastic waste becoming someone else's problem once it's been collected by the sanitation crew.

These are habits and attitudes that need adjusting, what with improperly disposed plastic waste destroying anything and everything from our sources of potable water and marine ecosystems, to our drainage systems and normal climate patterns. 

Enter, Garnier.

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The company has advocated and made concrete measures to reverse, if not stop, forms of environmental destruction like this, and this time, they're focusing on giving Filipinos a much better option for plastic they don't need anymore or don't know what to do with.

Garnier, Watsons, and The Plastic Flamingo came together to introduce Garnier's first-ever plastic collection program, and it's exactly what it sounds like—you gather plastic containers or objects around the house you would normally throw away, and instead donate them to Garnier. (Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to learn what kind of plastics they accept). 

Once you have your haul ready, head on over to the Watsons branch along Jupiter Street in Makati and ask a Watsons representative about where you can drop off your donation. The program will run from May 10 to 16. 

For every plastic bag you fill up with plastic donations, you get a corresponding 15% off shopping voucher you can use for all Garnier products in any Watsons store!

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Shopping rewards aside, the whole point of this program is to turn your plastic waste into another's plastic treasure.

Your donations have to go somewhere, don't they? 

You'll be happy to know that the whole point of collecting plastics from Filipino households is because they'll be handed over to The Plastic Flamingo, a sustainability-focused company that can turn plastic into emergency shelters for underserved Filipino populations. 

Everyone wins in the process; Garnier uses its influence to do good, you lessen your negative impact on the environment, plastic is turned into something good, and Filipinos in need benefit from all of this. (And you get to enjoy awesome discounts, let's not forget!). 

So what do you say? 

Participate in Garnier Philippines' plastic collection program and invite everyone you know to do the same!

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