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Filipinos, Adopt These Fresh, Doable Practices To Be Part Of The Climate Change Solution

Knowing the specific, localized ways to make visible and high-impact changes in our environment is the most powerful weapon against the effects of global warming. The fight isn't over yet—let's keep going!

According to projections made by the United Nations, the entire planet's population, Filipinos included, have only 10 yearsto stop the life-threatening and irreversible effects of global warming. By the year 2030, the earth will be unrecognizable—and possibly uninhabitable.

Take a moment to think of how this will impact the Philippines, a country that is one of the most susceptible to so many extreme weather conditions all year round. 

The thing is, climate change per se isn't the problem; our planet has gone through several periods of extreme climate and environmental changes in the past millennia that it's existed. The issue is the speed and intensity in which it's occurring at present. It's too much too soon, and you can guess who's behind the unnatural rate in which our planet is changing for the worse.

We're all raising our hands now, because we all contributed to the problem.

But this isn't a blame game, certainly not! Like you, we didn't know any better when we once spritzed hairspray with careless abandon, or enjoyed the convenience of plastic water bottles and the comfort of air conditioning units left on all day, all night in sweltering Philippine summers. 

Ten years might be right around the corner, but the point is, however small the window is, there is still time.

There's time to acquire new habits and make the necessary lifestyle changes, to save the only home we have, to preserve our way of life as we know it. And thanks to innovators, men and women of science, researchers, and overall eco-warriors, there are specific ways that Filipinos can help hit the breaks on permanent climate change in their one and only Philippines.

Really, it's easier than you think.

But act now—the planet needs you, me, and all of us!

Photos via @sarahlahbati and Unsplash