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Nadine Lustre On Her Baby Steps Towards A Greener Planet

The actress and singer has committed to taking a sustainable lifestyle and encourages others to do the switch as well.

This World Earth Day 2021, Metro and sustainable skincare brand Bioten celebrate three environmental advocates who have used their platforms and talents in creating more awareness for the most pressing issues that the planet is facing. Like Bioten, these three advocates put purpose to concrete action and commitment to the environment.

Bioten and Nadine have partnered together to raise funds for 88,000 trees, representative of the 88% ingredients of natural origin in Nadine's favorite skincare line. This is done in partnership with MAD Travel and For the Future. Read on below to check out Nadine's story

Gently taking the road to green living is a commitment that actress and singer, and Metro cover girl Nadine Lustre has always held. Even as a kid, she recalls, seeing waste like small pieces of candy wrappers on the street can greatly upset her. She feel the compulsion to pick them up and throw in a bin. In a way, this has been her way of making a difference even at such a young age.

Nadine Lustre for World Earth Day 2021 with Bioten
Nadine Lustre for World Earth Day 2021 with Bioten | Artwork by Mawee Borromeo

“Our world has been taking care of us ever since, and I believe that it’s only right that we care for it in return,” she muses. Fast forward to present, the 27-year-old is taking her efforts up a notch by fully embracing her passion for the environment.

Back in October when Metro.Style last talked to Nadine about this growing pursuit, she revealed that she wasn’t fully comfortable being called an “eco-warrior.” “I guess I wasn’t really comfortable because I feel like I haven’t done enough,” she explains.

The past months, however, proved that her noble actions offered much progress towards the goal. “I'm still finding more ways on how to be eco-conscious. Baby steps,” the Wildest Dreams hitmaker beams. “I’m really happy that a lot of reusable or zero waste products are now more accessible for everyone.”

For starters, apart from her successful partnership with organizations with similar interests, Nadine switched her lifestyle to accommodate the changes she wanted to see. From opting for reusable items, like cotton buds, cloth sanitary pads, shopping bags, fruit and veggie pouches to avoiding take out orders as it generates so much waste, these little acts, when done collectively, and when done with Nadine’s overwhelming reach on social media, they make a huge difference in the promotion of sustainable practices.

This extends to her use of clean and honest skincare products, like her current holy grail, European eco-friendly beauty brand Bioten. This, along with her other methods, are some of the ways she promotes all-natural and non-toxic lifestyle choices.


Going bolder with her efforts, this role model escalates her move with the 88,000 Trees Campaign of Bioten. In this partnership from which she is one of the leading figures along with artist and environmentalist Issa Barte, the brand committed to raise half of the funding needed in the project spearheaded by For The Future and Make A Difference’s (MAD) 20-year reforestation campaign in Zambales. “It’s funny because after I finished watching the documentary David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, I got a call about the campaign. I didn’t even think twice,” Nadine shares.

When asked about her plans for this year’s Earth Day, the TV personality expressed her desire to share her zero waste ways. “But then again, I honestly believe that we should practice caring for the environment on a daily basis,” she adds.

It’s also important for her to raise awareness on sustainability, implying its true meaning and urging people to fully embrace the movement. Nadine spells it out, “It is true that when you say sustainable, it only means sustaining or prolonging, not taking into consideration the possible harmful processes that go with ‘sustaining’ a product. True sustainability should strive to preserve our ecosystem and find ways to thrive without harming it.”

For fellow green advocates, as well as her fans who want to support her advocacy, Nadine only has a few words of advice: To respect the earth.

“Everything has been so convenient for us because of all the available resources our environment provides for us. Let’s learn to respect the things around us that have been here way longer than us. Be kind to yourself and the others, because the way you treat others is a reflection of how yourself, hence, how you treat our planet. Switch up to a clean and healthy lifestyle. It only takes one little step to start an eco-conscious lifestyle. Bring a tote bag when you go grocery shopping or stop asking for plastic utensils when you order take out. Being mindful of the environment is being mindful of yourself,” the eco warrior ends.

Bioten is available at Watsons, The SM Store, and online on Amorfia and Lazada. Visit Facebook: Bioten Philippines or Instagram: @biotenphilippines

Artwork by Mawee Borromeo

Art Direction by Raff Colmenar

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