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Zalora And RCBC Release 1st Eco-Friendly Credit Card!

Here’s a new way to shop wisely, easily, and responsibly

In our post-pandemic world where e-commerce has become both a blessing and a curse, Zalora and RCBC Bankard are teaming up to make sure that we can keep doing what we love while still being conscious about our impact on the environment.

It’s not a surprise to know that the Philippines’ e-commerce sector has seen a surge in the midst of the pandemic. The Department of Trade and Industry reported that the number of online businesses who registered increased to around 88,000 by the end of 2020, compared to the meager 1,700 in the first quarter of 2020. This shows how much Filipinos now rely on e-commerce to fulfill their shopping needs and wants. 

But while e-commerce growth has opened up so many possibilities for both sellers and customers, it has also opened up conversation on the environmental effects of online shopping. Because of the pandemic, sustainability efforts like reusable bags have taken a backseat to prioritize safety and disinfection, and single-use plastic and packaging rose to accommodate online shopping.

As a company who focuses on sustainability as one of its core values, Zalora wanted to remove the “guilt” around online shopping especially in a time where sustainability and eco-consciousness are paramount conversations. They wanted to make shopping fun again, reliable, easy, and, of course, something that encourages eco-consciousness in the long run—and not just marketing ploy to attract customers, but a way to protect the planet for the years to come.

This is why Paulo Campos, co-founder and CEO of Zalora Philippines, shared the 4 pillars of their sustainability initiatives. First, ethical sourcing–now, Zalora has a dedicated Earth Edit section where they feature items made from sustainably sourced materials, and they are ensuring that they turn to sustainable sources when they create items for their private label.

Second, environmental footprint–ever since the start of the pandemic, Zalora uses recycled plastics for their packaging, which has allowed them to lower our carbon footprint.

Third, community–they want to promote living sustainably within the community so they have engaged in a wide range of CSR initiatives especially during the pandemic.

And fourth, responsible workplace—that even in their employee base, they make sure to run the office in an environmentally conscious manner.

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The first eco-friendly credit card

This focus on sustainability comes full-circle in their newest partnership with RCBC Bankard and Mastercard, which is the Zalora credit card.

The Zalora credit card is the first of its kind in the Philippines. The credit card does not use traditional plastic and is instead made of a sustainable plastic substitute, that is 84% PLA sourced from non-edible corn.

In fact, Zalora’s commitment to sustainability is mirrored in the way they choose their partners. Mastercard, for example, shares in this obligation to care for the environment, and according to Mastercard Country Manager for the Philippines Simon Calasanz, the company aims to plant 100 million trees by 2025 and achieve zero net carbon footprint by 2030.

All of these things allow the consumers to indulge their want for fashion, beauty, and luxury, while being smart and responsible about their shopping.

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Cashback, freebies, and unlimited free shipping

On top of the sustainability aspect of the new Zalora credit card, it also comes with its own set of perks that will make it a new lifestyle credit card favorite among shoppers.

The moment you sign up for the Zalora Credit Card, you get to enjoy a welcome gift of worth P5,000 shopping credits, which can be used on the Zalora online platform. It also comes with a free Zalora Now subscription, which lets you enjoy unlimited free shipping nationwide with no minimum spend. After the first year, the subscription can be renewed with a minimum annual card spend.

On top of that, RCBC Bankard and ZALORA waived the annual fee of the credit card for its first year.

In terms of cashback, the card rewards its customers with a 6% cashback for every purchase made on the Zalora platform and a 2% cashback on all online purchases made on other websites and apps. You can also get 1 reward point for every 50 pesos spent, and these reward points can be converted to additional Zalora Cashback, air miles for free travel, payment for the annual membership fee, or donation to their partner organizations.

“The Zalora Credit Card is a card dedicated to elevating the consumers’ fashion and lifestyle shopping experience,” said Paulo. “Merging ZALORA’s best-in-class online shopping journey with RCBC Bankard’s multi-awarded mobile banking experience, consumers can be assured they’re getting the best credit card to keep up with their fast-paced digital and fashionable lifestyle.”


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