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Here are Heart Evangelista’s 3 Steps to Embracing Her Truest Self

Just like Avon’s newest scent Eve Truth, Heart Evangelista shows us how we can present our most authentic character in three simple steps.

One of the most followed and well-loved celebrities of today is Heart Evangelista, and for many reasons. Apart from her impeccable style and gorgeous looks, it’s not hard to like her fun, vibrant personality. And as Avon recently named her the face for their latest fragrance called Eve Truth, we adored her more for choosing something that truly reflects her tastes. Like Heart, a whiff of the scent is a message that says, “This is exactly who I am. This is my true self.”

The pure, clean scent fits the actress to a T—and she admits that this match is a revelation of her most authentic self. “It’s a natural, original, unique kind of scent to each person,” Heart shares. “So it definitely, in a sense, reveals your true self.”

And by peeling off your layers to unveil your rawness, the 38-year-old beauty expresses herself better by cultivating not just the physical. She goes deeper by nurturing the inside, with a mindset that transforms her into a more beautiful person. And you, too, can achieve your best glow by embracing yourself from within. And here's Heart to offer some words of advice on how you can carry your inner radiance well. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you feel fear, if you feel insecurities, know that it’s part of the process. Know that is just part of the chapter to eventually rebuild yourself and discover yourself. It is a journey,” she asserts.

Statements can get overwhelming, so if you’re clueless on where to start, Heart happily gives the steps on how she herself embraces her truest self. You just need to follow three—and from there, you’ll realize that you’ll naturally just bloom into your best self. Read on!


1. Embrace what you love.

When asked about how Eve Truth reflects her truest self, her answer is simple and straightforward. “Well, I love it,” she says. And it’s in her choices that reflect herself as a person—a mirror of her being.

2. Start giving yourself some love. 

As you journey through life learning about what you love and embracing them, Heart knows better that it’s a continuous process. I’ve just been very loving to myself, with my flaws, my mistakes,” she muses. “Because of embracing that and my insecurities, I feel like I’m more myself now and I have less fears. I’m just more comfortable being myself these days.” This acceptance allows her to discover more about her most authentic self, thus giving her space to express who she is better—both on and off cam.


3. Take it one step at a time.

Finally, remember that there’s nothing that fixes itself overnight, including us people. “There are no shortcuts,” Heart points out. “You just have to go through life—you get your heart broken, you’re under reconstruction, and we just keep discovering new things about ourselves. Then, you start to treasure yourself and give yourself more self worth.”

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