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Moncler’s Debut Fragrances Feature Customizable LED Design Bottles

Inspired by the great outdoors, Moncler’s fresh launch offers an expedition of the senses and visual innovation yet to be seen in other fragrances in the market.

Fragrance isn't just an olfactory adventure—it’s a holistic experience. From its visuals and packaging to the moment you spray it on, it’s a personal journey that’s very exclusive. Thus we’re always on the hunt for that perfect match, and Moncler adds to the wide variety of options in the market as they debut their first-ever fragrance line.


Called the Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme, these two perfumes aren’t your typical choices. Described to “reflect a bold synergy of nature, exploration and discovery” which is the core of the brand as a whole, it evokes a crisp, cool ode to the great outdoors wrapped in an opulent cocoon of warmth.

At the heart of both creations is the Mountain Woods accord, an exclusive to Moncler which fits the brand like a dream. To create this accord, the genius minds of perfumers Nisrine Grillié, Quentin Bisch, Antoine Maisondieu, and Christophe Raynaud at Givaudan made a blend of cedarwood, amber, and sandalwood—resulting in its woody, creamy, and comforting yet sophisticated smell.


Individually, the fragrances standout with its unique blend of distinct notes and accords that are memorable and nostalgic. Pour Femme boasts of the exclusive Powdery Snow accord, which is reminiscent of the evanescent beauty of freshly fallen snow. Mix together with a bouquet of florals like Italian Bergamot, Jasmine Sambac, and sweet Heliotrope, you end up with a floral woody musky blend that is sure to turn heads.

Meanwhile, Pour Homme wins with its woody aromatic trail of exclusive Alpine Green accord. Think pine resin, sage, and cypress and find yourself traversing the mountain forest in your head—giving a sense that’s refreshing and healing.

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As believers of innovation, Moncler ups its game with the line’s packaging, where they introduce a new concept to the market. The bottle features a unique ‘borraccia’ flask-shaped bottle encircled with a ribbed silver case and cap. Pour Femme shows its light amber liquid through a clear glass on its top half and a beautiful bold silver finish at the bottom with a soft curved base design. Pour Homme is sleek with an all-silver case, with the bottle falling in a straight line to the base. 

But the highlight of it is its customizable LED screen, available in the fragrances’ 150ml edition. Powered by bluetooth and rechargeable, you may write personalized messages on its illuminated screen. Put your name, or include a note if you’re gifting it to someone else! Fragheads definitely will find it hard to resist this one—a total must-have for your collection.

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