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Rexona, (G)I-DLE Spark #GlowForItStage Excitement for All-New Vitamin+Bright Range

The #GlowForIt movement is here and its arrival inspires unstoppable confidence and empowerment.

There’s no stopping the #GlowForIt movement.

No less than K-pop supergroup (G)I-DLE ushered in the launch of #GlowForItStage featuring Rexona’s new Vitamin+Bright Deo range.


The Rexona #GlowForItStage is a dance challenge on TikTok which marks a groundbreaking milestone as Unilever Southeast Asia’s first inaugural AR-powered Dance Challenge.

Rexona hosted an early summer #GlowForItStage launch party, virtually attended by (G)I-DLE themselves as the face of the dance challenge. The K-pop girl group is known to be talented artists in the K-Pop industry, with songs exuding a vibrant aura of empowerment and illuminating themes of self-confidence and inner strength. They continue to smash records with confidence to #GlowForIt again and again, making them the perfect ambassadors for Rexona.

“For (G)I-DLE, our confidence comes from our hard work. We get better each time we go again during our dance practices and as we see these improvements, we feel more confident in our performance and ourselves. There are many ways to build confidence and one of the ways is to look and feel fresh which is why Rexona Vitamin+Bright is all about giving that unstoppable freshness so that you can keep moving with non-stop confidence. With Rexona Vitamin+Bright, we want to deliver the message of confidence to people around the world to keep moving, go further, smash their limits, and don’t be defined. Just like how our song goes, be their own Queencard,” the girl group shared during the launch party.


As for Shanelle Yu, Assistant Brand Manager for Rexona, the event is “special to our hearts because we have (G)I-DLE themselves launching the dance challenge and their thoughts about Rexona’s best ever brightening range. (G)I-DLE is known for writing their songs and for producing. I feel like they’re a great fit for what Rexona Vitamin+Bright stands for because they continue to smash limits and they’re unstoppable, which is what Rexona is all about.”

“With the launch of #GlowForItStage, we’re celebrating this whole spirit to go for it again and again which Rexona Vitamin+Bright can give you. More than just a dance challenge, it’s a movement made possible with Rexona’s superior brand of protection,” Yu added.

The dance challenge is open to residents of the Philippines, 18 years old and above. Participants are required to use the #GlowForItStage TikTok Branded Effect filter and do an all-out dance to (G)I-DLE’s Queencard Rexona Edition and upload their entry under the Branded Effect page. Videos must be made public and uploaded by April 28, 2024 to qualify. 


There will be 2 grand prize winners of an all-expense paid trip to South Korea. Selection will be the top 2 performing posts among those who scored 80 and above on TikTok. 3 weekly winners of exclusive signed Rexona (G)I-DLE merch will also be chosen at random. 


To equip the participants with (G)I-DLE level of confidence to take on the dance challenge, the launch party also talked about the best-ever brightening range of Rexona. During the product demonstration of the new Rexona Vitamin+Bright range, the girl group couldn’t help but be in awe of its effectiveness.

“We’re all fans already of the new Vitamin+Bright range but seeing the product demo in real life still surprises us at how good and effective the ingredients are. Moreover, the fragrances are nice and refreshing,” the (G)I-DLE members said.


The Rexona Vitamin+Bright product line contains Super Vit C in its formulation among other stellar ingredients, to help you achieve Super Bright Glow for your underarms, and unstoppable freshness.

“Rexona Vitamin+Bright products contain skincare ingredients like glycerine, licorice extract, and sunflower seed for some variants. We also infused it now with Super Vitamins like Vitamin C and with Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 included. All of those skincare ingredients combined, when they work together, they deliver the brightening results. We did a consumer test for it and we also did a clinical brightening test with a dermatologist to prove that it brightens your underarms. Rexona is known [to fight] sweat and odor with exclusive Active Shield Technology. Only Unilever can use that technology. With this new antiperspirant technology, we can provide 72-hour freshness and sweat and odor protection so you can do everything you want and be unstoppable,” Carla Favis, Rexona Research and Development, remarked.

With Rexona’s brightening protection, you can #GlowForIt non-stop and have greater chances to win. Last few days to join the Rexona #GlowForItStage Dance Challenge. Join here now:!

Check out more photos from the event here:

Contest ends on April 28, 2024 per DOH-FDA CCHUHSRR Permit No. 0481 s. 2023. Click the link for the full T&Cs:

Lead photos courtesy of Rexona