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This Cebu-Based Salon Is Well-Loved By Discerning Beauty Fans

The ladies behind the Trifona Beauty Lounge built this thriving beauty haven with no business background!

In today's saturated and fiercely competitive beauty service industry where entrepreneurs abound, Trifona Beauty Lounge stands out with their thoughtful branding, excellent services, and opportunities for growth. While the digital age has made it easier than ever to access information on business courses and start ups, Trifona Beauty Lounge proves that true success is measured not by the ease of entry but by longevity, positive reviews, loyal customers, and demands for expansion.

The Sebuana Group, Anette Getubig, Jorissa Sebastian, and Elyza Lumayno —the company that founded Trifona Beauty Lounge

Trifona Beauty Lounge is gaining traction with their premium lash extension, gel manicure and pedicure services, and hair keratin treatment. With their lash extensions made from sable lashes all the way from Japan, they are fine, light, and long-lasting. Their gel nail polishes are also imported, with regular nail polish options that also treat damaged and/or brittle nails. If you want to be a little extra, they creatively and excellently do nail art, too. Trifona has an extensive list of services that include waxing, threading, massages, hand and foot spas, plus hair rebonding, cutting and coloring, so they can attend to each of their clients' beauty needs.

In an era where businesses come and go, Trifona Beauty Lounge has defied the odds as they continue to thrive as a trailblazer in Cebu's beauty scene for two years and counting. Founded by three visionary millennial women, founders of the The Sebuana Group company—Anette Getubig, Jorissa Sebastian, and Elyza Lumayno—the chic and aesthetically delightful salon is standing the test of time, showing that their passion and full commitment to excellence are the pillars of their ongoing success.

Three’s a Charm

What’s amazing about their brand is how their personal passions and skills converged to make it all work, even with zero business background. Having graduated from studies in the fields of Medicine and Law, the power trio pulled from their savings to start, and each took on specific roles to have clear delineation of tasks and work. "Despite coming from different fields and backgrounds, the three of us share similar interests, tastes, and aspirations, which led to our shared vision in creating our brands. One of which is to create a beauty lounge that would offer well-curated services and products that we, ourselves, would love and be proud of. We wanted to create a beauty space that offers a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere designed with our clients’ comfort and satisfaction in mind," shared the Cebuanas, who also own Sip Cafe, a trendy dining and hang out spot with three branches to date.

Trifona's trifecta

Elyza, who is also an emerging fashion designer in Cebu’s bridal scene, turned to Pinterest to study and visually curate the look and feel of the lounge. With her skill and talent in interior design, plus her knack for finding quality suppliers, she was able to customize some of their key furniture in collaboration with local furniture makers, and managed to outsource other items from Southeast Asia. “I’m very particular with the color scheme and the look. Hindi pwede ‘yung ‘pwede na,’” shared Elyza. Other than her taste for interior design, Elyza also co-leads the day-to-day operations and heads the Marketing Department.

Annette, being her co-lead, is also managing Trifona’s Human Resources Department and having just recently passed the bar exam, is now practicing law and overseeing the company’s legal matters.

As for Jorissa who wears the CEO hat given her strong leadership qualities, she is also on top of Trifona’s finances, while running the operations of her family’s real estate and construction company.

Neutral palette and airy interiors

Excellence & Dreams

One of the key principles that sets Trifona Beauty Lounge apart is its commitment to quality. The owners firmly believe that every client deserves the highest standard of service, and they have meticulously handpicked a team of skilled professionals who share their vision. Elyza, COO and Marketing Head, even went to Singapore to study the science of hair and how to apply lash extensions, just so they aren’t reliant on their staff when it comes to knowledge and actual service. I’ve seen Lyza personally attend to her clients and it was pretty amazing to witness. 

A beauty lounge so Instagrammable

From hair treatments to lash extension to gel nails, every service is executed with precision and finesse, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every customer. “Ever since we started this business, our goal has been to provide unparalleled service and offer the best products possible not only in the Philippines, but also globally. We are delighted to see such high demand for our brand and hope to offer franchise opportunities very soon. We just turned two, and we can say that taking a leap of faith two years ago was all worth it, with the success and positive testimonials we continuously receive from our clients,” said the girls.

Relaxing customized recliners for their customer’s utmost comfort

As a Trifona customer myself, I testify to their excellence. I’ve made it a point to get my lash extensions from them everytime I’m in Cebu, because I was so surprised that it lasted beautifully for a month, with a lightweight feel and zero eye irritation. Each session proves how well-trained their beauty technicians are—I barely felt the service and easily dosed off to dreamland thanks to their quality recliners and calming pipe-in music. Add to that their modern-whimsical, neutral interiors, and you’re in beauty bliss. 

Trifona’s Volume Lashes and Keratin hair treatment

Insights & Inspirations From All Over the World

To go global, they can. Trifona Beauty Lounge continuously strives to stay ahead of the curve, introducing innovative treatments and services to their repertoire. The owners invest significant time and resources in researching the latest beauty trends and attending industry conferences to gain more insight. “Today, the beauty industry is seemingly thriving, which is one of the factors we consider as a major challenge in refining our business. It interests us to diversify and be more creative and innovative in discovering new products and services we could proudly offer to our clients. Fortunately, we have been able to gain valuable insights through attending lectures, workshops, and consultations with industry-leading suppliers from countries that are at the forefront of the beauty industry, such as the United States, France, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore,” shared the three.

Friendship and business can mix

Empowered Women Empower Women

Beyond providing exceptional beauty services, Trifona Beauty Lounge serves as a platform for empowering women. As one of the brave, they pushed through their business during the pandemic, while hiring beauty technicians and staff who lost their jobs then. ”Our goal is not only to provide top-notch quality services and products but more importantly, to give back to the community. One way we can accomplish this is by providing opportunities to individuals who are driven to succeed but lack the experience or education. We believe in hiring and training them to give them the skills and experience they need to succeed,” the three shared.

Excellence may be gold but it comes with a threat—many of their beauty technicians have been pirated by competing salons to jump ship, but fortunately, they turn down these offers because they value their employment and partnership with the brand. As they say, invest in the right people and they will be loyal to you.

“In our company, we understand that building a successful business requires a dedicated team of individuals who share our vision. We are grateful for the team behind Trifona Beauty Lounge for working hard to achieve the standard of customer service we aim to provide,” the trio added.

Located at Axis Entertainment Mall in Cebu City

A True Beauty Inspo

Trifona Beauty Lounge has emerged as more than just a beauty destination in Cebu—it is a true source of inspiration. Anette, Elyza, and Jorissa’s journey serves as a reminder that dreams can become reality through hard work, endurance, and a deep passion for one's craft, even when you have to start from square one. Their determination to provide exceptional service and create a relaxingly fresh space has not only disrupted the beauty industry in Cebu, but it also inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their own ambitions.

Trifona Beauty Lounge stands as a testament to the power of dreams, passion, and friendship. Under the leadership of The Sebuana Group, this sanctuary of beauty in Cebu has redefined the standards of excellence, continuously pushing boundaries and embracing the evolving needs of its clients. By empowering women through self-care and fostering a strong team, Trifona Beauty Lounge is set to soar higher and greater heights, with beautiful lashes and polished nails, of course.

Trifona Beauty Lounge is open daily, Sun-Thurs 10AM - 8PM; and Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM, located at Axis Entertainment Mall in Cebu City. Follow them on Instagram