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The Metro Team Tries Benibana Hair Atelier, Your Haven for Luxe Hair Services

This is the place to treat your tresses with utmost TLC!

Having a hair date with your girls is something not everyone does, after all, hair care and beauty treatments in general are commonly done alone. But when Benibana Hair Atelier invited us to get a hair date for the Metro ladies, we didn't think twice and said yes! 

Benibana Hair Atelier at Three Central Makati

Benibana, which means safflower in Japanese, symbolizes resilience and the ability to withstand any weather. This embodies the spirit of this beauty hub, and how it remained true to its core since the beginning. Benibana’s story is one of passion and purpose. Sam Dy, its founder, had a vision: a one-stop beauty hub where women receive top-tier salon and aesthetic services in a space that’s warm, welcoming, and unrestricted. Her goal is to empower people to feel their best through personalized treatments so they can live a more fulfilled life.

Benibana Beauty Hub, San Juan

Located at the 2nd floor of Three Central Mall in Salcedo Village, Makati, we visited the Benibana Hair Atelier, their newest branch. When we visited, we were greeted by their warm, kind staff and ushered to our seats. The space has sleek and chic interiors, and is roomy enough to accommodate eight clients at a time. Each one of us present for the hair date got different hair treatments, and as you will see in the testimonials below, we all had a wonderful time!


Kate Paras-Santiago, Beauty & Wellness Editor

"I haven't been going to any salon these past few months, because I've been focusing on getting my scalp treated for hairfall. When I finally felt that my hair was in a better state, I said yes to the Benibana hair date and allowed myself to indulge in an afternoon of hair pampering. My last hair color was during the pandemic—it was a DIY hair dye in the form of a shampoo. It was good enough for me then, but I just neglected my hair for too long, so I had a bad case of regrowth—the ends of my hair was brown and my roots were black! Also, I haven't had a proper haircut in a while too, so I got some nice layers to breathe some life back into my locks. The hair color I went for was called 'Expensive Brunette'—this looked natural yet still had small highlights here and there, so as to not make it look flat. After the cut and color, I had the Japanese Milk treatment done, which involved putting product on my hair and using a frozen iron to seal in the nutrients. I stepped out of the place feeling really good about my new look! This place is definitely a luxurious haven in the city." 

Benibana Hair Atelier, Admiral Hotel

Carla Buyo, Fashion Associate

"Hair appointments just got easier when booking through Parlon. The website features easy and quick navigation, not to mention the generous discounts you can exclusively get through Parlon. As someone who only frequents the salon for an occasional haircut and treatment, I’m impressed by Benibana Hair Atelier’s service. From the washing of the hair, blow-dry, cut, down to the treatment, the hairstylists moved with care and precision. No detail was overlooked! For reference, I got the Creative Director's hair cut and Benibana's Japanese Milk Treatment with Nano Steam and Frozen Iron."


Red Dimaandal, Managing Editor

"I have my Brazilian Blowouts done on a regular basis, but my experience at Benibana in Makati is like no other! From the moment I walked through the door, I already fell in love with their minimalist interiors and the orchid arrangements right by the entrance. What I also love here is that the hairstylist took the time to understand my hair needs, style preferences and shared some insights for my hair type. As a result, the treatment really cut down the frizz and kept my hair smooth and straight. As someone who loves pin straight hair, this treatment is perfect—just the way I like it!" 


Chin Ann Obiedo, Contributing Beauty Writer

"I had such a fun experience at Benibana! As someone who loves experimenting with my hair, I consider it a gem when I find a salon that not only has the technical abilities to achieve the hair color and style that I want but keeps my hair health in mind too! I’m also a serial seeker of good beauty deals so Parlon partnering up with salons like Benibana is just the icing on the cake. It’s really the perfect place to take yourself on a self-care day or have a hair date with your girl friends!"

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