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We Got Inspired By Heart Evangelista Who Takes Hair Risks

At the Cream Silk Treatment Makeover Takeover pop-up launch, we learned how to achieve power over hair damage, with the help of Heart Evangelista. Read all about our makeover experience here.

There’s no better person to talk about taking risks with their hair than Heart Evangelista. From extreme color and bleaching, to rebonding and perms, and frequent styling–her hair has experienced it all. 

Which is why, when she starts talking about taking risks and changing things up with her hair, we just nod our heads in full agreement. We found ourselves doing just that at the Cream Silk Treatment Makeover Takeover pop-up launch, where she was introduced as the face of Cream Silk Salon Expert Daily Treatments.


Fresh from Paris Haute Couture Week, Heart Evangelista shared her excitement to be the hair care brand's ambassador for its daily treatments line and Power Over Damage campaign.

“I am so excited. I have been with Cream Silk since I was 19 years old, so almost 20 years of relationship. Cream Silk has been my longest endorsement,” Heart says. 

As a global fashionista and actress, Heart has been known to experiment with various hairstyles and hair treatments–from straightening, curling, coloring, and bleaching. This exposes her hair to unpredictable damage.

“Of course, Keratin is the most noteworthy ingredient (in the Cream Silk Daily Treatment), and it has been very useful for my hairstyling, especially when I am traveling because I usually style my own hair when I am abroad," the actress quipped during the media interviews.

Cream Silk’s Keratin Damage Repair Daily Treatment is meant to nourish and repair extremely damaged, salon-treated hair, leaving hair intensely renewed.

Kamille Tapia, Cream Silk’s Brand Manager

Kamille Tapia, Cream Silk’s Brand Manager, talks how Heart is the perfect fit for the Power Over Damage campaign. 

“I think it’s a given that she’s been a global icon, especially in recent years,” she says. “Some people slow down, some people take a step back, but she’s consistently taking a step further, taking risks, always ahead of the trend, she’s always changing things up,” she adds. 

“In the spirit of pushing the style experimentalist, she is that perfect face, that global figure that we think really embodies what that is. And in relation to the power over damage campaign, what more, her, who has conquered and showed power through obstacles, through rumors… At the same time, she’s always changed up her hairstyle, always taking risks regarding her hair,” says Kamille about how she’s perfect for the campaign. 


Cream Silk Treatment Makeover Takeover

During the event, Cream Silk has also gathered beauty queens, models, and fashion and content creators to experience a hair makeover, and get inspired by Heart.

Kamille explains that the Cream Silk Treatment Makeover Takeover is hinged on the campaign of Power Over Damage. “It’s taking it a step further,” she says. “We want to empower [Filipinas] and really push them in terms of really inspiring them, as if to say: Okay, go ahead, go wild with your ideas, and with your hair.” 

“Whether you want to bleach it, whether you want to do all these styles, we will take it a step further as well with how much we repair that damage–giving you intense damage repair, renewal, and essentially making sure that we take care of all of that,” she adds.


In our case, we got inspired by Heart and took the plunge and experience the exquisite styling, courtesy of the Cream Silk Makeover Takeover team. It started with a relaxing hair wash, wherein we got to personally try out the power of the Cream Silk Salon Daily Expert Treatments line. 

These products are designed to help repair hair even after constant hairstyling, with the help of the main ingredients: Keratin and Collagen Dual Serum that deeply restores each strand and locks in nutrients to nourish intensely damaged hair, so you can get salon-perfect hair in every wash. 


It comes in three variants that address common after-salon hair problems: Keratin Rebond Straight, designed for those who want to have straight hair without the damage, Keratin Damage Repair, which is perfect for extremely damaged hair, giving you intensely repaired and renewed hair, and Aloe Mint Detox, which provides you with detoxified and restored hair. 

As we sat in the salon chair, we were given the opportunity to choose between getting a haircut or getting our hair styled, and we chose the latter. After being settled in, it was the cue to officially start the makeover. What we loved: Getting big curls that framed the face perfectly, plus, the way the treatment made the hair look healthier and more vibrant despite the heat of the iron. This, we heard, was a signature vibe one can get from Cream Silk. As the final touch, the hair stylist finished up with a rejuvenating back massage which elevated the hair makeover session.


The whole experience made me recall Kamille’s words about the reason they launched the Cream Silk Salon Daily Expert Treatments. It was actually to address a pain point for many who want to be adventurous but often end up with damaged hair. 


“There are a lot of Filipinas nowadays who color, rebond, and who straighten [their hair], but one big frustration that they have is, after they go through that treatment, even if it really looks good temporarily, they get damaged after, or their hair becomes a lot dryer after,” she says.  

“So we wanted to create this product essentially to make sure that you can continue doing a lot, you can do whatever you want with your hair, and we’ll take care of the damage.”

Knowing that using Cream Silk provides intense damage repair even when we style our hair every day, even with hot iron, is such a relief. Indeed, Cream Silk can totally empower every Filipina to look and feel great about their hair, and overall look! 

Watch out for upcoming Cream Silk Treatment Makeover Takeover Pop-ups, coming soon to a city near you, and get a chance to experience free hair makeovers and free damage care from Cream Silk Salon Expert Daily Treatments. Cream Silk Salon Expert Daily Treatments is available across all leading stores nationwide and can be purchased in 650ml tubs for only PHP 250.00 or in 18ml sachets for P7.50.