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It’s Time For A Transformation: Your Damaged Hair Problems, Solved In 3 Steps

Don’t wait until you have to chop your locks because of damage. There’s a way to get damage-free salon-perfect hair right at home

Imagine this: You’re out and about, basking in the glorious sunlight. You strike a pose and play with your hair, until you notice that your hair is dry and brittle, and full of split ends! Yes, my dear, you might not have noticed it much because you spent lockdown at home with your hair up, but now that you’re going out, there’s no denying that your hair is severely damaged. 

That’s why it’s now the perfect time for a hair transformation, this time towards health. Let’s get down to the root of all things. 

Step 1. Give an honest assessment

The easiest way to spot damaged hair is to check if you have split ends. This is best seen in sunlight or under harsh lighting. “Split ends are fraying of the ends of our hair,” explains Joyce Davis, M.D. Both physical and chemical factors can cause progressive damage to the cuticle that normally protects hair. “When this is lost at the hair tip, the underlying fibers separate.” You’ll notice hair splitting not just into two, but can also split multiple times! Your split hair can also be split. 


Other signs of damaged hair include overly elastic hair that could lead to breakage, hair that looks dull and dry, and feels brittle, which means there’s lack of moisture in it. You might also have a lot of frizz and fly-aways, which is also a sign of damaged hair.

You’ll also find clues in the tools that you use: Do you get a lot of tangled hair on your brush? Or when you tie your hair, are there pieces that break off? All of these are signs that your hair is calling for SOS and needs some TLC.


Step 2. Find the ways that you’ve been damaging your hair.

Now that you know that your hair is damaged, it’s time to check on your habits and what has contributed to your hair’s state. The biggest culprit would be the chemical treatments that you’ve been subjecting your hair to. We know that these are necessary salon treatments that you’ve been doing to maintain your stylish locks. 

For example: Color treatments like dying, highlights, bleaching, can damage your locks, as well as treatments that change the composition of hair like rebonding and perming.

What happens is that the products used for “coloring, perming, or relaxing the hair contain chemicals that can weaken the hair and make it more likely to break,” according to Medical News Today.

At the same time, everyday styling activities such as blow drying, ironing, curling, can also damage hair. The heat can strip moisture from the hair, and can lead to brittle hair and damage.


Step 3. Transform your hair by starting a new routine: Try the new Cream Silk Daily Treatment with Keratin and Collagen Dual Serum.

You still have a chance to turn things around by avoiding these damaging habits, and by starting a new habit: Try the new Cream Silk Salon Expert Daily Treatment with Keratin and Collagen Dual Serum. This special treatment can deeply repair every hair strand and boost your hair’s health. The intense Keratin Repair is the best solution for salon-related damage, and to ensure you always have endlessly perfect hair everyday!

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