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Pro Makeup Artists Predict Top Halloween Makeup Trends This Year

Make as much effort to look the part using makeup, to complete your entry for Halloween 2022!

Gone are the days when the word “Halloween” is exclusively synonymous to grim and gore. These days, when one speaks of Halloween, colorful costumes paired with mind-blowing otherworldly makeup also top the list. From the many variations of the classic sugar skull, zombified Disney princesses, and to the fabulously precise and artsy Euphoria-inspired eye makeup, Halloween has definitely evolved from a hair-raising night into an annual feast for the eyes. 

We asked Filipino makeup artists about the kind of looks they think would be among the most requested ones by clients and personalities alike this year. If you have no idea on what to wear or who to be this all hallows eve, let these makeup artists help you!

1. Sugar Skulls

Chyla Guerrero, a character and special effects makeup artist who is now based in New York, firmly believes that makeup looks inspired by skulls will always be in demand no matter the era. “It never goes out of style,” she explains. “There will always be different styles of the sugar skull that will emerge from time to time.”

2. Pop Culture Icons

Similarly, Slo Lopez, a favorite of Belle Daza and Mimiyuh, says that movie and tv characters will always be a crowd favorite. These include the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, Edward Scissorhands Pennywise, and Disney villains such as Cruella de Vil. “I think what’s fun is that people are embracing looks that aren’t so glam anymore for Halloween and are looking for ways to stand out more and wear like a full costume,” Slo shares.

3. Sexy Character Versions

Anthea Bueno, known for her sultry makeup looks, bets on the sexy/slutty versions of pop culture characters to still reign this year’s Halloween festivities. “People love to transform into a character but sometimes they don’t want to look too cartoony,” observes Anthea. “That’s why most of the time they choose the spicier versions of their chosen character like Mean Girl’s slutty bunny or sexy mouse. Wear the usual glam makeup and you’re good to go!”

4. Neon & Bling

I personally expect neon and bling this Halloween. Euphoria is still so popular that looks inspired by this show are among the most requested looks, if not the most requested, by my clients this year. From prom, to 18th birthdays, to photo shoots. The ‘Euphoria’-inspired look is always in demand. You might also see a lot of neon graphic liners and different takes on the neon clown look.

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