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5 Reasons Why We Love Sabrina Carpenter's Signature Doll Look

We're channeling the young superstar's hair and makeup!

Sabrina Carpenter’s signature doll-like look generates hundreds of TikTok videos trying to recreate her fresh-glazed look. Sabrina’s Makeup Artist, Carolina Gonzales, shared some of the secrets to achieving the artist’s flawless doll-like visual. In an exclusive interview with E! she said, “I’d like to keep everything moisturized," referring to the artist’s glowing skin when performing. “I barely use powder. I only use it in the T-zone—that is it. When you start getting into powders and start sweating, it will come off. It’s like oil and water,” she added. Carolina also shares the biggest advice for fans having long-wearing makeup: “Prep is key and blend," “That’s my biggest advice," and “And when you think you can’t blend, trust me, you can.” Carolina was also known for her work with popular celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively.

Here's what we love about Sabrina's signature beauty:

Her Bold, Plump Lips

Sabrina is known for her bold plump lips. During one of her shows, the young singer shared one little trick she got from her makeup artist to prep the shape of your lips to make them look a little bit fuller. The first thing she does is get a tiny, thin brush and a bronzer and brush it out on the edges of her lips to overline it. Afterward, Sabrina puts her lip liner with a neutral peachy lip tone, finds a lipstick that usually complements the lipliner, and dabs it all over her lips. Sabrina avoids putting glosses onstage since she often puts her microphone closer to her lips and ends up staining her face with lipstick. 

Her Heavy Blush Glow

Carolina also mentioned how the placement is key to giving the artist a doll-like look, saying, “I love to give her a doll-like look, so the blush takes the place of the highlight because it lifts the face. Blush is the new highlight for me.”

Sabrina’s favorite thing of the summer is blush, but beforehand, the young singer likes to bronze her cheeks after concealing. She uses a little fluffy brush and strokes it right on her cheekbones. Afterward, Sabrina uses her hands to apply dark cream blush and puts it on the upper cheek and tip of the nose to create a natural look, achieving her signature blush. The next and final routine for her cheeks is highlighting. To achieve the sun-kissed glow, Sabrina puts a generous amount of highlighter on the high points of her face, finalizing her glazed-looking cheeks. 

She also shares that during the pandemic, when she doesn’t have much time to she often does full-face makeup to feel alive for the day, as she sees makeup as a therapeutic hobby.

Your Guide to Heat-Proof, Summer-Ready Makeup


Your Guide to Heat-Proof, Summer-Ready Makeup

Her Signature Smokey Cat-Eye 

Sabrina’s cat-eye complements her heart-shaped face. Before achieving the perfect eyeliner, she used to wear a lot of eyeliner in the waterline when she was 12. Later on, she learned to do her eyeliner guided by different makeup artists who often did her look.

She achieves this by following the natural shape of her eyes, starting at the inner corner and extending the line outward for a graphic finish.

When doing her mascara, Sabrina puts it at the end of her lashes to make it look more defined. Finishing her signature eye makeup, she uses a pencil liner and puts it on the water line up to the top, adding a light luminescent eyeshadow to her eyelids followed by nice false eyelashes.

Her Voluminous Hair with Wispy Bangs 

Sabrina’s hair has the perfect curtain bangs that gracefully frame her face. She lets her hair down and brushes it thoroughly. She likes her hair, which is usually naturally messy unless she needs to do a very specific look, and usually, she likes to keep it pretty voluminous. 

Her Sweet Signature Scent 

For Sabrina, smelling good is very important. In 2022, she debuted the fragrance “Sweet Tooth," designed and collaborated with Scent Beauty and named after her being a sweet tooth. She has always gravitated toward scents that feel sophisticated but also have sweetness to them.

Creating a fragrance has always been a dream for her. Shen then later released another scent called, “Caramel Dream," saying, “I love the smell of campfires because I grew up in the woods.” In an interview with Billboard, Sabrina said that the prominent experience of her childhood was her mom’s signature fragrance with smells of cocoa. She became obsessed with it, so when making Sweet Tooth, she wanted to find some of the notes that were reminiscent of her mom’s perfume.

Text by Ryan ClaveriaBanner photo via @sabrinacarpenter

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