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Here's What We Think of the New Sunnies Face Fluffbalm

"It's love at first swipe all over again."

I'm pretty sure you've been taught to blot your lipstick on tissue paper to achieve that 'just right' wash of color. No one likes to be found wearing an inordinate amount of lip product at any given time, also because it's simply not comfortable. So we've resorted to the tissue paper trick, dabbing on lipstick lightly to have just enough product to spread all over our lips, or tapping on lip color using our fingers just to make sure we're never overdoing it. It's that effortless look we're all after, and thank goodness Sunnies Face gets it, because they just launched Fluffbalm, the perfect blotted lip! 

Sunnies Face Fluffbalm

Just yesterday, we joined Sunnies Face at Cafe Fluffbalm, their pop-up concept for the launch of their newest line of lipsticks. Guests were treated to scrumptious food and drinks by Sampiro, Sunnies Face goodies, cake, cute guy waiters, and great company! 

And of course, we got a closer look at their newest product. Dubbed as "the perfect blotted lip", Fluffbalm is a moisturizing matte blotted lipstick that feels unbelievably comfortable on the lips. It's a lipstick meets balm hybrid, the perfect blotted lip in one easy swipe for a natural, just blotted "are they or aren't they wearing the perfect lip right now?" moment! 


Not to be confused with the OG Sunnies Face lipstick Fluffmatte, the Fluffbalm is a must-have in itself. It's currently available in three tightly edited shades—Perfect Nude, Perfect Pink, and Perfect Mauve. They say it's love at first swipe all over again, and we have to agree! It's definitely perfect for seasons especially like this one, where we can't deal with anything too heavy, sticky, or creamy. 


It's also infused with a blend of rich emollients for everyday care, including Collagen Peptides to soften fine lines and plump lips, Meadowfoam Seed Oil to hydrate and help lock in moisture, Shea Butter to moisturize and soothe, as well as Vit. E to protect against environmental aggressors. Our top tip? Scrub your lips before application to ensure a smooth swipe and the perfect wash of color!

Shop Fluffbalm here.