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6 Lessons on Inner Beauty and Self-Love from Jeon So Min

The celebrity ambassador for Merz Aesthetics’ Ultherapy talks about what she believes makes one beautiful—inside and out, what she does to look and feel youthful, and her best tips for beauty care

On November 24, Metro flew to Seoul to join Merz Aesthetics as they unveiled their star-studded line-up of celebrity ambassadors for Ultherapy. K-drama and variety show alum Jeon So Min was among three South Korean actors introduced as the first ever Asia Pacific celebrity ambassadors.

Embodying Merz Aesthetics' See My Skin, Lift My Way campaign, Jeon So Min took the afternoon to chat with media from the APAC region on inner, true beauty, as well as her best tips on skin and beauty care. The campaign anchors on empowering people to discover, enhance, and embrace their own unique definitions of beauty and be the best versions of themselves—and the Running Man star shared how she was only too thrilled to be a part of it. A fan of Ultherapy herself for many years, she swears by the treatment in order to maintain her confidence.

"The thing about Ultherapy that appeals to me the most is that it places importance on confidence. What I mean by that is that it can boost our external confidence when it comes to beauty. I personally have been very close with Ultherapy for a long time now, so when the brand approached me to become their ambassador, I was very surprised, very glad. It was all the more meaningful to me," Jeon So Min said.

The Princess Aurora actress mentioned that she has been using Ultherapy roughly once every year for the past five years. She confessed to having sensitive skin, and that she loves using Ultherapy because it is very safe and effective. "I have very sensitive skin so I am very afraid of receiving other treatments. I also do not have the time for treatments with downtime, but Ultherapy is safe, and also long-lasting. So, I really love Ultherapy," she smiled.

Jeon So Min for Ultherapy by Merz Aesthetics

Going beyond the highly successful Serendipity Journey, Merz Aesthetics now unlocks the next phase in the Confidence Beyond The Frame campaign which empowers people to step out of the frame, beyond the societal expectations of beauty, and embark on a self-enhancement journey to become the best version of themselves. Celebrities aren't immune to the pressures from society and social media to "look perfect," and often, they feel the pressures the most—Jeon So Min relates to this and shared that while she always tries to love herself, it's not easy. "A lot of times, I lose confidence and I believe it's the same thing for everyone. You have to be satisfied with yourself and find something within yourself to boost your confidence, but it is not easy," she revealed.

There's a certain definition for beauty that society sets—and it is an impossible task to meet that demand and maintain our own beauty and individuality. "I believe that you lose confidence when you think too much. You need to take a big breath and exercise. It is very important. When your thoughts get complicated, you need to exercise. Also, have time to show some affection for yourself," the reality TV star grinned.

"We cannot stop time, but we can delay the signs if we start earlier," says Ultherapy ambassador, Jeon So Min on incoporating Ultherapy in your regimen, even when you are still young.

Below, we share the six lessons on inner beauty and self-love from K-drama actress and reality TV superstar, Jeon So Min, from the Ultherapy event in Seoul, South Korea.

1. When you are full of love, you glow and are beautiful.

Beauty is all about love. "I think my answer may be a little abstract but I think that beauty is love—loving family, loving friends, loving nature, and loving work. Loving things that do not change and [that] are long-lasting. I think that when you are full of love, you also glow. You are radiant from within."

2. Breathe and move.

"I frequently lose confidence. To be fully confident, you have to be satisfied with yourself and find something within yourself that is better than it has been in the past," Jeon So Min revealed.

What helps the actress manage and do this is to exercise and get moving, even when she does not feel like it. "Personally, I go for personal training or Pilates. This is not something I am very good at. Rather, I do it like homework or an assignment. Also, at home I take care of myself," she said. She does these things not only for physical reasons, to look great, but to also have a healthy mind and healthy body. "The most important thing is to have affection for yourself and treasure yourself," she added.

3. If you have sensitive skin, don't forgo skincare and treatments. Instead, find something that works for you.

Jeon So Min shared that her skin is sensitive and thin, and easily irritated. For her, one of the best treatments she's discovered is Ultherapy. "From my five years of experience, Ultherapy leads to clear skin and it helps with elasticity and firmness of the skin. Skin is very important when it comes to the first impression. If you have good skin, people will tend to think you are more attractive and that you can be trusted and relied upon. And the skin is the canvas upon which other things go on, for example, make up," she answered.

"Nothing beats Ultherapy in helping with clear skin, elasticity, and firmness. The best thing about Ultherapy in my opinion is that it is low in side effects. It's very safe," she added. With her back-to-back schedules, the burden of trying new therapies and possible experiencing of side effects is something she rather would not waste time on or take a risk with. She's found what works for her, and she sticks to it—religiously.

Beauty is energy. "I think that when you are full of love, you also glow. You are radiant from within," Jeon So Min shared during the Ultherapy press event in South Korea last November 25.

4. It is always going to be easier to prevent signs of aging than to reverse time. Start now.

"Honestly, it is difficult to reserve time, very difficult to unwind the clock and go back in time in terms of the skin's condition. It is also difficult to be satisfied with slowing recovery pace of your skin, but what you can do it to prevent and maintain, or slow down the clock, so to speak," she answered. 

From this perspective, prevention and maintenance is key. Finding the most appropriate treatment method as early as you can is most important in that regard of slowing down the clock. "We cannot stop time, but we can delay the signs if we start earlier."

5. Beyond inner beauty and confidence, think about what you are putting into your body.

For skincare, it goes back into inner beauty and she didn't mean positive thinking—she means the good things that you put into your body. "I think it is very important to watch what you eat because what is absorbed will benefit your skin and hair. I started a healthy diet since about six months ago. I started eating salads, and aside from just water, I wanted to drink something enjoyable and so I started drinking green tea," Jeon So Min revealed. The latter helped her add to her daily water intake, and that's helped her greatly with hydration. "I also take half baths every day," sharing that it's what she does soaking up to her torso. Lastly, she adds how having Ultherapy once a year for the past five years has helped her boost and maintain her glow and confidence.

6. With skincare and beauty care, basics are so important.

Never skip out on the basics. "Skin requires a proportionate amount of time and affection, and without that, you can ruin your skin. Sticking to the basics is really important. For example, cleansing and sun care are important for me. Sun care helps to protect your skin from aging," said Jeon So min.

Reapply sunscreen every couple of hours. "I put on sunscreen, make up on top, and then use sun cushions that are popular nowadays. On the area below the eye, I apply sun stick," she revealed.

"Nothing beats Ultherapy in helping with clear skin, elasticity, and firmness. The best thing about Ultherapy in my opinion is that it is low in side effects. It's very safe," Jeon So Min shared on being a believer in Ultherapy for maintaining and boosting confidence.

Merz Aesthetics' has chosen Lee Min Ho, Kim Ha Neul, and Jeon So Min as the first ever Asia Pacific celebrity ambassadors for Ultherapy. As part of their ambassadorship, they will amplify the message of embracing individuality and uniqueness through their online platforms and public appearances. 

On partnering with the three Korean superstars, Merz Aesthetics’ Asia Pacific President Lawrence Siow said: “Nobody understands the pressure of conforming to beauty standards better than celebrities. Staying confident and embracing your unique self can be difficult when you live in the spotlight. We hope that their stories of overcoming these pressures to embrace their individuality and uniqueness inspires people in Asia Pacific to do the same.”

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All photos courtesy of Merz Aesthetics and Ultherapy Philippines