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4 Lessons on Confidence and Self-Care from Kim Ha Neul

The celebrity ambassador for Merz Aesthetics’ Ultherapy gets candid about what she does to recharge and relax, why it's important to be prepared no matter what, and why self-care is always top priority

Last month, Metro flew to Seoul to join Merz Aesthetics as they unveiled their star-studded line-up of celebrity ambassadors for Ultherapy. K-drama icon Kim Ha Neul was among three South Korean actors introduced as the first ever Asia Pacific celebrity ambassadors.

As someone who made her debut almost three decades ago, when she was very young, Kim Ha Neul is no stranger to the spotlight. Naturally, she finds herself deeply resonating with Merz Aesthetics' See My Skin, Lift My Way campaign, which empowers people to discover (and love) their uniqueness, as well as unlock their confidence.

The 18 Again actress shared how she was so happy to be a part of the Ultherapy family, and being a face of such a meaningful campaign. The campaign is so much more than skin tightening and lifting—it is about looking deeper to better understand people. With over 2 million treatments delivered worldwide, Ultherapy definitely understands and listens to the individual, looking to celebrate one's unique qualities instead of just conforming to conventional standards of beauty. 

"I think that whether young or old, everyone has a lot of interest in their skin and I'm not an exception. Being a part of this campaign, I believe it has really helped in boosting confidence. For dry skin that has lost its elasticity, I think Ultherapy really helps," Kim Ha Neul smiled.

Kim Ha Neul for Ultherapy by Merz Aesthetics

Being confident allows us to become the best versions of ourselves—truly. When we are confident, we look better, feel better, and ultimately, live better. Merz Aesthetics hears this and ultimately forms and fits all its campaigns to celebrate the most important thing—you. From the Serendipity Journey to the Confidence Beyond The Frame campaign, and now, See My Skin, Lift My Way, Merz Aesthetics has always encouraged people to embrace their own version of beauty. 

The See My Skin, Lift My Way campaign acknowledges the importance of uniqueness and individuality, now more than ever. And that's why Merz Aesthetics chose three of its very first ambassadors in South East Asia—Lee Min Ho, Kim Ha Neul, and Jeon So Min—for their poise and confidence in overcoming societal pressures and standards of beauty, and instead, embracing their uniqueness.

"As I'm getting older, I find that self-care is very important," Kim Ha Neul revealed as she spilled her secret to aging gracefully: self-care, exercise, and regular trips to the dermatologist.

Below, read four lessons on confidence and self-love from the Kill Heel actress Kim Ha Neul, and what she personally does to make sure she's always taking care of herself.

1. Prepare for anything, always.

For Kim Ha Neul, confidence boils down to being prepared. "For me, it is about being prepared at all times so that I am ready to meet anyone. You never know who you are going to meet and what kind of situation you will run into. I think confidence is about having full preparation," she revealed.

2. On that note, confidence is a constant work in progress.

That being said, confidence is something one always cultivates and works on. "As I've mentioned before, without preparation, I lose my confidence. And so, I take time for myself. Step by step, through exercise and going back to my maintenance routine, I can recover my confidence," she said.

3. Relaxing and recharging is important for inner beauty.

"I make sure that I am relaxing during my down time. I do really relax and not be nervous, and try to take things with a relaxed approach and just be easy going. That way, I will be mentally and psychologically recharged—and I have energy for when I need to be on camera again," she smiled.

Inner beauty is very important, and being aware of what we like and love is key, so that it can reflect to one's outward beauty, as well. "When you take care of yourself, and know what you like and love, your beauty can then be expressed," she added.

4. Self-care is always a top priority.

"As I'm getting older, I find that self-care is very important. I used to think that just inner beauty is enough—whether it is thinking positively, smiling a lot, or drinking a lot of water. Now, with time, I'm needing and getting a lot of help extremely from the dermatologist and my personal maintenance regimen," she confided. 

Personally, Kim Ha Neul loves to sweat, eat clean, and make sure she takes care of her skin. "I love exercising and also, during the maintenance routine, eating clean. Going to the dermatologist helps a lot, too," she smiled.

"I make sure that I am relaxing during my down time. I do really relax and not be nervous, and try to take things with a relaxed approach and just be easy going. That way, I will be mentally and psychologically recharged—and I have energy for when I need to be on camera again," Kim Ha Neul stays on how she works on her inner glow.

Merz Aesthetics' has chosen Lee Min Ho, Kim Ha Neul, and Jeon So Min as the first ever Asia Pacific celebrity ambassadors for Ultherapy. As part of their ambassadorship, they will amplify the message of embracing individuality and uniqueness through their online platforms and public appearances. 

On partnering with the three Korean superstars, Merz Aesthetics’ Asia Pacific President Lawrence Siow said: “Nobody understands the pressure of conforming to beauty standards better than celebrities. Staying confident and embracing your unique self can be difficult when you live in the spotlight. We hope that their stories of overcoming these pressures to embrace their individuality and uniqueness inspires people in Asia Pacific to do the same.”

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All photos courtesy of Merz Aesthetics and Ultherapy Philippines