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The Treatments Maja Salvador Got for That #AiveeBride Glow

Ain’t no bridal shower like a bridal shower at The Aivee Clinic

You’ve seen the photos and the videos all over social media. You’ve probably kept track of all the details. You’ve pinned your faves and added it to your moodboard for inspo. You’ve seen the glow and you’re thinking what we’ve all been thinking: “Maja, drop the skincare routine, please!”

Maja Salvador on her wedding day | @deniseochoa

Actress Maja Salvador was definitely a beautiful bride as she and Rambo Nuñez Ortega tied the knot last July 31, 2023 in scenic Bali, Indonesia. Her skin was perfect. Not a flaw in sight, all thanks to The Aivee Clinic

As we can all surmise, the days leading to the big one are the real test when it comes to your skin and derma treatments.

The Aivee Clinic hosted a special bridal shower for Maja about 10 days before the wedding. She along with her beloved friends enjoyed specialized facials and pampering sessions to make sure everyone looked their best for the wedding day. Dr. Z Teo and Dr. Aivee Teo made sure to be both present to personally oversee #AiveeBride, a collection of face and body treatments, including rejuvenating facials and laser procedures for Maja and her guests. 

Maja Salvador at her #AiveeBride shower
Maja's nearest and dearest joined the bridal shower

The #AiveeBride Collection is a combination of treatments, targeting three main categories: facials, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation. It is the best way to look and feel gorgeous from head to toe for the wedding. 

Maja getting her #AiveeBride treatments

The facials include Aivee Sapphire, Aivee Glass, Aivee Jet Infusion, and Aivee Tornado. All of which testify to the innovative approach to skin that only The Aivee Clinic can deliver. 

Aivee Sapphire is the first ever bio-revitalizing procedure that uses the symbiotic power of hydroporation and radio frequency. It is a two-in-one relaxing treatment delivers a cushioning, hydrating total skin rejuvenation solution. Aivee Glass focuses on ultra-hydration to nourish the skin using a moisturizing serum for that radiance and glow. 

Aivee Jet Infusion utilizes high-pressure stream of oxygen and a customized serum to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish the skin. It can also address skin problems such as sunburn, skin dehydration, acne, and dry skin. Aivee Tornado is a three-step skincare process that clears out the pores while hydrating the skin with a combination of water and serum-based resurfacing facial.

Guests enjoyed #AiveeBride treatments as well!

#AiveeBride also includes four treatments focused on skin tightening. There is the Aivee Beverly Hills Lift. It is a quick and non-invasive skin lift treatment that contours the skin and gives the right lift it needs. It uses radio frequency technology to improve collagen production to tighten the skin for that smooth and defined look, as well as target areas that are prone to sagging. Aivee Protege is a skin-tightening treatment that uses thermal waves to stimulate collagen, address skin laxity, and improve skin texture.

On the other hand, Aivee Liftera is a non-invasive, unique treatment that addresses five loose facial zones: the cheeks, upper lip, neck, chin, and eye bags. With the procedure's High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology, collagen will be multiplied for your skin's rejuvenation, youthful strength, and resilience.

Aivee Ulthera is a revolutionary non-surgical procedure. It is perfect for the eyes, jowls, and neck. It is considered to be the "Gold Standard" for skin lifting and tightening, as one treatment is enough for a noticeable lift, with results that can last up to a year.

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, The Aivee Clinic is the pioneer authority, so Maja and her guests felt renewed with Aivee Aerolase, Aivee Picasso, and Aivee Renew. 

Maja's bridal shower venue setup

Aive Aerolase stimulates collagen production to reveal a renewed skin tone and texture. Aivee Picasso is a multi-purpose laser technology that targets whole body skin-whitening and rejuvenating, intended for various areas of skin concerns like acne and acne scars, melasma and sun spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Aivee Renew is a laser treatment that instantly rejuvenates, boosts, and lightens the skin which gives you a healthy radiance  with no downtime. It makes the skin plumper and tighter, minimizes acne and age spots, and promotes collagen production.

On top of the ultimate in dermatological treatments, the bridal shower also featured games and other related activities. Guests were able to dedicate special pre-wedding toasts to the bride. Touching and deeply personal moments were had. 


Aperitif served up the food for the occasion, including charcuterie, salad, croissants, quiche, tartines, and refreshing beverages.

That’s not all. Of course, #AiveeBride goes above and beyond as Maja and her guests received curated Aivee Skin boxes which included the Aivee Bright Eyes Mask, Crystal Mask, Whitening Crystal Mask, Aivee Skin Lumi Powder, Aivee Skin Brightening Remover, Aivee Skin Sleeping Mask and Aivee Skin Headband. 

Aivee Skin giveaways

To know more about the Aivee Clinic, visit the website at, follow them on Instagram at @theaiveeclinic, or call (0917) 7283838.

Photos by Mira Visaya and Christian Carreon.

Celebrities at Rambo and Maja’s Wedding Ceremony


Celebrities at Rambo and Maja’s Wedding Ceremony