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Day-in-the-life: Debbie Co in Rockwell Workspaces

Fashion designer Debbie Co gives us a peek of her daily life in her beautiful atelier at The Proscenium

Debbie Co juggles a lot in one day—from client fittings, shoots, meetings, and in between, life with her two boys, and her social life. Having completed two big milestones in her career this year—a bridal show for "Marry Me at Marriott" and just recently, a trunk show during Paris Fashion Week; her respite from the busyness is her gorgeous atelier in Rockwell Workspaces at Proscenium.

A fashion designer for over 17 years now, she makes made-to-measure clothes and also offers RTW clothes for her clients, oftentimes for their milestones like birthdays, debuts, or weddings. She’s known for her feminine styles and her resort wear as well. 

We caught up with her in between her schedules to get a sense of what a day in her life is like. 

Starting the day right

“I start my day with a very positive mindset and energy, so it can help motivate me throughout the day,” shares Debbie in our exclusive interview. She usually starts in the morning until late afternoon in her atelier.

“I live nearby so it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to get there. I need lots of time and I pretty much do everything here—if I need to shop, dine out, exercise, or hit the gym, everything is so easy,” she says.

No day is the same—it all depends on her clients for that day. Sometimes she’ll have fittings, sometimes a photoshoot, and she’ll often have meetings if there are fashion shows or trunk shows. Her location is also ideal for getting things done.

“It’s very convenient as I can easily go for lunch or dinner, or get something I need in a few minutes,” she shares. She would have the option to walk, go by car, or even take the buggy which goes around Rockwell Center

“I try to go around the mall if there’s anything I need, it’s very convenient,” she shares. 

At times, she will also meet with friends as there are plenty of bars and restaurants around. 

Restaurants, shops, and other establishments in Power Plant Mall makes things convenient for Debbie
Restaurants, shops, and other establishments in Power Plant Mall makes things convenient for Debbie

Choosing Rockwell Workspaces

One of the reasons why she chose Rockwell Workspaces in the Proscenium, is the location. It is both convenient for her clients coming from the north or south. Traffic is not as bad as going into the central business district in Makati, where she used to hold an atelier. 

“I also think that our clientele grew within the Rockwell community since we moved here last year. I’m very glad to have our space here.”In terms of the design of her space, she designed it according to her brand’s aesthetic.

“As you can see, our designs are really timeless but contemporary, they’re chic and feminine. We had to create a space that would reflect that,” she shares. 

All in all, what she loved most about having a space in Rockwell is curating a good fashion retail experience for her clients.

“I think each element is important. From creating a good space and a strategic location for them. When they come in, we also check their aesthetic, to understand their style. What they like, what they don’t like, and from there, we suggest the designs.” 

While the location might not directly impact the design experience, it speaks about comfort, convenience, efficiency, and that creation of the fashion retail experience is important for fashion designers and creatives like Debbie. 

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