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New Book, ‘Chairmom’, Approaches Work-Life Balance in a Refreshing Way

Advertising veteran Merlee Cruz-Jayme launched her second book last month, aimed to teach mothers how to balance their career goals with their role as the head of the home

Motherhood often feels like a balancing act, choosing between career and family, just trying to get everything done. Author, advertising veteran, and mother to four, Merlee Cruz-Jayme knows this feeling—and has sought to put pen to paper everything she's learned in her experience of taking care of family while not losing herself in the process.
Advertising veteran Merlee Cruz-Jayme launched her second book, 'Chairmom, aimed to teach mothers how to balance their career goals with their role as the head of the home

In her new book, Chairmom, Jayme tackles the sensitive topic of successfully integrating motherhood and cultivating the career of your dreams. The author draws from her personal experience having the ambition to make it big in one of the world's most competitive industries, and then getting married at twenty-five and having four children. 

According to Jayme, it's not a sin for women to have ambitions—and yet, women are often judged when they dare to pursue their dreams. "Now, imagine moms with ambitions. You can imagine how family and society will give them that look of disapproval," she shared. "In a world where the family comes first, how can we, women, make ourselves shine and not become invisible in the background? How can we take care of our family yet not lose ourselves completely?"

These are the questions that need to be asked for any mom at any stage in her life. And while there are many books out there about the work and family balancing act, Jayme felt it's always different and helpful to share experiences and show the gritty truth, however imperfect it can be.

"Just like so many admirable moms I know, I have many relatable stories of sacrifices and guilt-ridden episodes as a woman and mom.  Ultimately, motherhood is never a stumbling block to a successful career. It is one significant enabler that makes us more powerful in this very competitive world," Jayme shared.


In Chairmom, find out how Jayme, an ex-nun, a high school dropout, a young struggling mom, an Asian creative woman fought her way to regional and global advertising leadership, becoming the founder of one of the most awarded agencies in the country and In the world.

Jayme invites all mothers to find the "Chairmom" within them, just as she has. The book is all about real-life experiences and learnings on how to reach your career ambitions while being the greatest mother there is. Chairmom follows Jayme's first book, Everyone Can Be Creative, a handbook for all up-and-coming creatives, or those simply trying to become one.

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