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Joey Mead King Opens Up About Her Life In First Memoir

‘Runaway Model’ “takes [readers] into [her] dysfunctional family life as a young girl to discovering [her] truth and worth through [her] healing journey”

Metro cover star Joey Mead-King has penned a memoir, entitled Runaway Model.

The model, host, television personality, and now author is opening up about her life, from her childhood in Australia to her healing journey, and every detail in between. 

On Instagram, she said: “Runaway Model is my memoir that takes you into my dysfunctional family life as a young girl to an adventurous, independent teen trying to make it as a model.”

She is “also sharing a tempestuous relationship that almost killed me, and being agentless in NYC, to discovering my truth and worth through my healing journey.”

The book is “sprinkled with plenty [of] ‘90s moments that I wish hadn’t happened but all had a part that carved out the woman I am this day,” she added.

Joey first opened up about writing her memoir in an interview with Metro in 2019, during the magazine’s 30th anniversary celebration.  

“I have a book that will be released [soon],” she had said, “a book of all my experiences and with a lot of model moments. A lot of the stories could be very beneficial to many individuals, from my life lessons, or it could be someone else’s life guidance.”

Runaway Model is published by Summit Books and is available in National Book Store.

Lead photo from Summit Books