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5 Reasons Why You Need This Chic Motorcycle For OOTDs

From different colorways and the young and trendy unique designs—these are the reasons why we’re loving this stylish motorcycle.

An ode to traveling in style, the new Yamaha Mio Fazzio is an extension of one’s OOTD in the form of a modern motorcycle. Made for those who are looking to ride long or short distances, this motorcycle is made to fit a hop and go lifestyle both for work or leisure. 


Perfect for men and women who like to make a statement with their personality, creativity, and fashion sense, this ride will for sure make heads turn all around the metro with its unique features. Mio Fazzio’s sleek design along with its promise of dependability and high-quality mobility makes this ride the best companion wherever you want to go.

To give you more reason to love this stylish motorcycle, we rounded up 5 reasons why you need this chic motorcycle for your OOTDs.

1. It has accessory ports that are perfect for wide range customization. Complete your OOTDs from head-to-toe down to your own Mio Fazzio with pieces that will upgrade your motorcycle according to your own preference.


2. Mio Fazzio features a spacious footboard. This might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when buying a motorcycle but a spacious footboard is exactly what you need to safely and comfortably ride with your stylish footwear. Whether you’re wearing sneakers or your favorite pair of heels, trust that you’ll get to your destination in style.

3. Make your presence known with Mio Fazzio’s unique LED headlight, position lights, and tail light. The sleek oval motif provides the best illumination from the front to the back and it keeps you identifiable from the rest.

4. Take your pick from Mio Fazzio’s vibrant color options from ivory white, cyan, and red. Here’s a creative way to express your personality and style on the road!

5. Last and certainly not the least, Mio Fazzio is moto-selfie ready and OOTD-friendly. Yamaha really gave their all to make this motorcycle photogenic in every angle. Take endless pictures with your cool new ride and make sure to tag @yamahaphilippines whenever you can.

Photo Courtesy of Yamaha Philippines