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Everything to Know About Choosing the Right Travel Shoes

Our Seoul Searching brought us to a new discovery: Skechers makes really good shoes for travel! Here are some of our finds and what we think about each style

When we set out to travel to Seoul in South Korea during the transition to Fall/Winter, we didn’t have a lot of time to pick out our outfits. One question that lingered for the Metro editors was: How do we go about doing our OOTDs while still being comfortable? Or better yet, how do we balance having a suitcase full of winter clothes plus heavy footwear? 

We turned to our favorite Skechers shoes in these times by examining styles that we already liked: Grace’s go-to is the BTS x Skechers Street™ UNO collaboration, while my favorite airport look involved my Skechers Street™ x tokidoki®: UNO Crossing Hearts which she took with her to Spain and Hong Kong just this year.

During this trip, we discovered new favorites among ourselves: Grace tried out the Skechers GO WALK® Flex, Kate was drawn to the Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins®, while I went for my go-to, the UNO, but this time tried out the Skechers UNO Lite


Here are some of the things we considered when choosing footwear:

Location. We considered where we were going and what the activities would be. If you’re going to Seoul, which we highly recommend, do know that you’ll be doing a lot of walking everywhere. There are many pedestrian streets, plus the preferred mode of transportation here is trains and buses, so expect to be on your feet most of the time. 

In the case of Grace, when she tried out Skechers GO WALK® Flex, she maximized it when she reached close to 40,000 steps on her pedometer. 

“I enjoyed wearing the shoe because I could navigate different terrains thanks to the flexible sole. That helped when climbing stairs, like the Samseongyo-ro staircase we featured in our K-drama pilgrimage; or even walking along roads and sidewalks, which we do for pedestrian streets. I also visited Yonsei University, where I had to walk around campus to find the main building,” says Grace.

She also noted how she liked the Air-Cooled Goga Mat™ breathable insole with a springy, high-rebound cushion great for walking. Then there’s the Ultra GO® that had a lightweight, responsive cushioning, which gave her flexibility and comfort as she went through the week in Seoul.

Skechers GO WALK® Flex

Features. Not all shoes are the same, as not all feet are the same. Those with flat feet need additional width to their shoes, while those with high arches need additional support. Find out which features you need: whether it’s cushioning, arch support, and the kind of fit you need as well.

In the case of Kate, her favorite feature on her Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins® was the ease of wearing it, which sped up the time she’d spent getting in and out of her shoes. 

Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins®

“It helped me become more efficient, especially during a fall-winter trip that meant we’d be in layers of clothing,” she says. 

It’s also great to wear in the airport because you don’t have to bend down to get through airport security checks.

With the Air-Cooled Memory Foam®, it gives out a certain softness and breathability which makes walking much more comfortable. 

Versatility. We take it for granted that our shoots can go everywhere. The truth is that certain types of shoes are best to use depending on the occasion and activity. In the same way sporting activities have specialized footwear, some have great versatility, something you can take from day to night, or a walking activity to a fancy night out. And yes, sneakers can be worn to even the most posh events if you know how to style it well.

Weather. Knowing the temperature and humidity is half the battle because this would largely determine what kind of traction you’ll need, or the fabric or texture, and the cut, that would work well for the season.

Weight. This is a big concern for most Metro readers: how to fit everything in a suitcase without going overboard! In this case, if the coats and knits are heavy, then you can make your footwear lighter than usual. This was my balancing act while packing for Seoul.

For most trips, I’d bring 3-5 options (flats, walking shoes, day shoes, sneakers, evening shoes), but I didn’t have that luxury of time to keep changing footwear during a 48-hour trip. 

Skechers UNO Lite

For Seoul, I only brought two options, one of them being Skechers UNO Lite - Lighter One, which I chose because of how easily I could pair it with my outfits. It worked well with a blazer set, or a knit co-ord, but also with just a black wool maxi skirt. The bright white popped out amidst the sea of black shoes, and it looked pretty in photos with its lace-up and all-white colorway. 

Things to note about this shoe: It’s super comfortable because of the Skechers Memory Foam™ comfort insole and flexible traction outsole. And there’s also a secret inside: a 1 1/2-inch heel to give an additional height boost. 


While it was a short trip, foot care is so important for everyone’s enjoyment, so do heed our tips and tell us when you’re going to Seoul yourself!

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