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Where To Get The Best RTW Terno Tops And Dresses Right Now

Take a look at the well-crafted ready-to-wear ternos from these Filipino brands!

Celebrate your inner Filipina both everyday and on special occasions by shopping at these RTW brands for your terno tops and dresses!

Since its creation, the terno has stayed stylish and classic, while also transforming and evolving itself through time. Today, the modern terno isn’t just worn during formal events or parties, but also as pieces in a casual daily ensemble. Filipinas have been seen sporting the timeless look styled either formally and traditionally, or paired with sandals, jeans, or a relaxed skirt.

With the many local Filipino designers and brands we have now, finding the terno that fits your personality and style has become a lot easier. In the gallery below, we have put together a list of brands that offer ready-to-wear terno tops and dresses. Take a look and add these pieces to your cart now!

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