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Looking For That Perfect Pair Of Jeans?

Us too! Here are some tips we learned from our recent trip to UNIQLO

Jeans are a hardworking wardrobe staple. Choosing the right pair is no mean feat, because the best pair is one that you should be able to count on. 

Yes, it takes a while to find THAT pair, but don’t fret, if you haven’t found the right one for your body type, here are three things you should consider. In the recent unveiling of UNIQLO’s latest jeans collection, we consulted celebrity stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva on what to consider in looking for the best-fitting jeans. Here’s what we have learned:

Kat Cruz-Villanueva

Know your body type

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, look for a pair that fits you well and should be able to accentuate your body shape. Knowing that is a step ahead in looking for the best jeans for you.

Comfort before style

Another quality to look for is one that is functional and comfortable. In fitting, you should be able to move properly, sit around and be able to wear it whenever, wherever. 

Consider the quality

Owning something in your closet that is functional and has the highest quality possible is an investment. 

The perfect jeans should be something that you can wear on any occasion. Look for that pair you can wear on a holiday and a night out. Buy something that’s on trend, but always make sure that it’s something that you can wear and style over time, no matter the occasion. Good news because Uniqlo has options that you could choose from. 


Bonus tip: Did you know that Uniqlo could also alter your jeans? Just bring your Uniqlo pair to any participating store and let them work their magic, it’ll fit perfectly in a jiffy!