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EXCLUSIVE: Yancy Trinidad Tells Us What To Expect In BYS Fashion Week

Get to know the runway director behind three of the fashion shows in BYS Fashion Week!

Many events and fashion shows—i.e., the ones with the most energy—have one thing in common: atmosphere. Few people understand how to create an atmosphere quite like Yancy Trinidad, one of the industry’s esteemed events specialist and director. 

The LA-based creative who grew up in Koronadal, South Cotabato has been staging all kinds of event productions, from New York and Copenhagen Fashion Week, the 2019 TRESemmé Color The Runway fashion show here in the Philippines, to his most recent event for Disney at the 74th Annual Primetime Emmys. Yancy finds importance in creating an atmosphere that will put everyone in a good mood.

These days, to attend a fashion show is to be transported; at least, that’s the goal. For most designers, it’s no longer just about the clothes. It’s about creating an entire world around the brand and leaving the attendees with a particular feeling. 

At this year’s BYS Fashion Week, Yancy sets the mood for three of the six fashion shows that will celebrate the makeup brand's 10th anniversary here in the Philippines. This celebration calls for a fashion and makeup extravaganza that is one for the books! You wouldn't want to miss any of it.

Below, we chatted with Yancy about his career, his all-time favorite moments, and everything you can expect in BYS Fashion Week.


What got you interested in fashion? Can you mention some of your favorite designers or runway shows that continue to inspire you today?

When we first got cable TV back in the day, we had Fashion TV and I was hooked right away. From then on I would watch a lot of fashion shows and I always felt like I was the model walking on the runway. The shows were like a performance art for me. I really loved the Chanel shows, shows by Bureau Betak, and just random runways shows that I see online. 

I like simple shows, very raw with not a lot of lighting. Just straightforward and unexpected venues, I love those kinds of shows. 

How did you got into event planning and runway direction?

After living in the province, I decided to move to Manila. I started working in the call center industry and every time I would pass Glorietta, I would see these stages where they would put up fashion shows. I said to myself I want to do that! So I started meeting people and introducing myself to them then I would ask them how do I get into the industry. Runway shows fascinated me and I wanted to be part of it.

I got lucky that Saga Events gave me the chance to be part of their team. Robby Carmona took me under his wing and I learned from there. I realized that I can make my own shows, that’s where it began.

What are your most memorable shows?

One of my most memorable shows is probably my first, it was Philippine Fashion Week.  All of the shows that I’ve done are all memorable, I can’t pinpoint which one I love the most but I love all the shows I did in the past. But probably my experience in opening New York Fashion Week, the very reason why I moved to the U.S. is because of the opportunity for me to work with Kerby Jean-Raymond in Pyer Moss. I got the opportunity to work as a backstage manager and I said to myself that maybe the U.S. is for me so I moved to the U.S. after that.

Photo by Emerson Leonor

How did you come up with the concept for BYS Fashion Week? Do you have a specific inspiration in mind?

Usually when I work I would just wake up and decide what I’m going to do. I would then message the designers to ask them about their collection and inspirations until I can get an idea of what design I would create for that particular show. For BYS Fashion Week, I wanted it to be straightforward, very raw, very organic. 

How would you describe the shows you directed for BYS Fashion Week?

I’m doing three out of six shows, one of the directors from Saga Events is doing the other shows, Elmer Lapeña. For the first day, I’m doing the shows of Randolf Clothing and Russell Villafuerte. Their collection is about sustainability and streetwear so I wanted to play with color. The runway is designed with concretes and cracks with moss peeking through. The makeup has a touch of glamour and angst with a very post-apocalyptic feel.

For the second day, I’m doing the closing show for Just Bonita. The runway is going to be very club-ish like Studio 54. I wanted to create an immersive experience as if you’re going into a club on a Saturday night to party. The makeup for Just Bonita is all about glitters and is inspired by the TV series Euphoria on HBO.

For the third day, I’m doing Skin featuring I S S A. This fashion show has a little bit of performance art and we will even have a sound bath healer perform live. The makeup for I S S A is going be really light and bare.

I’m really excited with these three shows and it’s amazing to have worked together with Director Elmer Lapeña for BYS Fashion Week.

Photo by Emerson Leonor

Apart from the makeup and clothes, what can we expect from the lighting, music, and visuals for the show?

There’s going to be some drama and theatrical lighting in some parts. But you know as far as fashion shows usually it’s just bright, just for you to see the collection. As I’ve mentioned earlier, one of the shows that I’m doing has performance art where there’s going to be some dancers and a sound healer on the runway. There’s also going to be live music on some shows. The attendees really have a lot to look forward to.