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#MetroMostStylish2020: Top 31 to 40 Best Dressed Ladies

The fashion countdown continues! These women are dressed to conquer the world in a blink of an eye, find out how they do it!

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu is known for being a master entertainer and culinary visionary, drawing praise for the tastefulness (in both senses of the word) of her restaurants and home alike. However, her style is not limited to plating and interior design. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her fashion choices are also marked by her fondness for what is timeless, classic, and simply elegant. Heeding the wisdom in Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote “Fashion fades, style is eternal,” Happy pays no mind to the rise and fall of seasonal trends. Instead, when putting together an outfit, she channels icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. What she prioritizes is not looking fashionable, but rather, feeling comfortable and confident in what she is wearing. As such, she is often in well-tailored pieces that, while bordering on structural, never spill over to costumey. Happy balances out an off-the-shoulder number with an exaggerated ruffle trim by pairing it with straight-legged trousers. Likewise, she dresses down traditional terno tops by tucking them into slacks or capris. “Fashion is a statement of who you are,” Happy says. Adding, “But it should always go with substance.”

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KC Concepcion

Coming of age in the public eye, KC Concepcion has spent much of her life scrutinized. While many in her position have succumbed to the unimaginable pressure of being the progeny of a Megastar, KC has come into her own with grace. That said, the road was not always straight. Having begun her career in her teenage years as a model, she moved on to host her own TV show. Later, after a hiatus from show business, she emerged with a fine jewelry brand. Now settled in her identity as a self-reliant woman, it’s only natural that her sense of style has followed suit. Whereas KC’s fashion choices, which have been documented for well over a decade, have run the gamut of looks—from chic girl to cover girl and everything in between—her style identity seems to have cemented in recent years. Confident in her own contributions, KC no longer needs to sport daring looks to stand out. Now, she shines in effortlessly elegant looks. Whether she’s in something simple such as white culottes, a beige turtleneck, and tan sandals, or something edgier such as red stilettos and acid wash jeans, what’s most striking about KC’s style is not so much the clothes she wears, but the confidence and comfort with which she carries whatever it is she puts on.

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Chi and Gab Gibbs

Entering into the limelight as heiresses to one of showbiz’s royal families, Chi and Gabs have stepped out of their parents’ long shadows to carve out a well-deserved space on centerstage. Artists in their own right, they have created the musical group Gibbs, a synthy pop duo whose single “No Hearts” is unapologetically nostalgic for the big-hair and blue eyeshadow funk of the late eighties. Their penchant for boldness doesn’t stop in their professional careers, however. In their stylistic choices, too, the sisters take big risks that pay off. Straying from convention, you’ll see them in matching baggy windbreakers, blindingly neon co-ords, vibrant prints, and stacks of necklaces and rings. Chi, the co-founder, printmaker, and designer behind the label Neon Island, describes this style as “maximalist”—an approach that comes from the guiding philosophy that “life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” Whereas a large swathe of fashion lovers name icons like Victoria Beckham, Audrey Hepburn, and the Olsens to be their style inspiration, the Gibbs sisters look up to the likes of Elton John and Cher. As such, their style is not only evocative and expressive, but like their style heroes, ever-evolving. Whimsy, color, and magic are all up for grabs when it comes to the Gibbs sisters’ outfit planning. 

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Cath Sobrevega

Stylist Cath Sobrevega, who works with A-listers such as Julia Barretto and Maja Salvador, has spent the better part of the past decade helping stars dress for everything from black tie events to personal trips abroad. Despite being surrounded by showbiz glamour and being at the forefront of the latest high-end designs, Cath's own style is more relaxed and liveable than her celebrity counterparts’. But don’t mistake her effortlessness for carelessness. Her easy elegance is enviable precisely because it looks cool and carefully curated, without trying too hard. The morning-after sexiness of an outsized blazer over a slinky slip is paired with the punk-rock edge of Converse sneakers. A full-length dress with the pattern of a picnic blanket resists being too juvenile when worn with a knee high leather boot. An all-white denim outfit is punched up with a jumbo double flap Chanel. All these looks are a result of Cath’s sharply tuned aesthetic sense, which has been honed by years of being dedicated to her craft. Indeed, appearing effortless is not as easy as it seems. And yet, Cath consistently delivers the freshest styles, not only in her daily life, but for the army of entertainers whom she dresses—a feat deserving of praise.

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Yanee Nunez Alvarez

Yanee Nuñez Alvarez describes her style as “simple but always put together.” Sure enough, her outfits consist of largely solid neutrals with the occasional pops of color and even rarer flashes of print. Simple. Yet, even when wearing everyday basics, her looks are crisp, cool, and indeed, put together. Understanding that Yanee sees Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen as style inspirations, one can see the influence of The Row’s early days on her fashion identity. In line with the incipient philosophy of the fashion house, whether she is at a coffee shop, work event, or exploring new cities with her family, Yanee’s outfits are understated and wearable, but beautiful. While she’s no stranger to a glamourous body hugging silhouette, donning, when the occasion calls for it, a corset-boned high-slit gown that showcases her cinched waist and statuesque legs, her day-to-day consists of everything from cycling shorts and a billowy button-down, to a slouchy trench completing a monochromatic pant-and-blouse set, to a floral sundress dressed down with pavement-friendly sneakers. The thread that ties all her looks together? “My personal philosophy is to always dress right in every occasion,” Yanee says. In abiding by spoken and unspoken dress codes, she believes that one is able to feel more confident in what they are wearing, and thus, more fully own the look. Her pro fashion tip: “Understand your personality and your body, and make sure you do not feel awkward with what you are wearing.”

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Berna Romulo Puyat

Berna Romulo-Puyat loves wearing local designers. As Secretary of the Philippines’ Department of Tourism, her personal style has become a platform to support homegrown textiles and talent. In her former position in the Department of Agriculture, Sec. Romulo-Puyat was constantly in jeans and other farm-friendly attire. However, since she began her new position, she’s been delighted to have more opportunity to showcase her Filipino pride through her wardrobe. “Fashion is one way of taking pride in our culture,” she says. “It is a way to promote our very own—brands, designers, and indigenous weaves.” At state events, you’ll likely see Sec. Romulo-Puyat wearing variations of the terno. Often, she will wear an updated version the traditional costume, featuring modern details such as a tea-length skirt instead of a floor-length one, or a ruffled butterfly sleeve instead of a rigid one. She has even worn a feminized version of the barong, matching the piña top with a woven textile skirt instead of the customary slacks. But regardless of what level of formality the occasion calls for, she is always eager to add “a touch of Filipino” to any look. Her advice for the budding FIlipina fashionista? “Trust yourself. Don't let anyone dictate on what you should wear.”

Jess Kienle Maxwell

As the creative force behind Philux, a leading luxury furniture company, Jessica Kienle Maxwell is no stranger to good design. Being an accomplished interior and and industrial designer, she places luxury and craftsmanship at the forefront of her work. While her professional portfolio boasts impeccable spaces that are curated and arranged with no detail overlooked, things are slightly different when styling herself. When it comes to her personal fashion, she lets out a bit of an exhale, leaning towards more casual and classic looks. “I used to try to keep up with the latest trends,” she says. Adding, “I don’t do this anymore.” While she still enjoys learning about the cutting edge of fashion, at times even incorporating the new season’s pieces into her wardrobe, she allows a lot of it to filter through. “I’m very much okay with not following trends and just doing what feels right for me,” she says. Although she marches to her own beat, it doesn’t necessarily result in wild deviations from the norm. In fact, what sets her style apart is its simple elegance. Jessica is able to pull off everything from confections like a lace-trimmed linen short and bralette set, to a curve-hugging strapless column gown, and in every look, she remains effortlessly glamourous. 

Joey Mead King

A fixture in the global fashion and entertainment industry, Joey Mead King has been wowing fans in around the world with her sleek, off-duty looks for decades. Having come of age in the era of glamazons like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, it’s no surprise that Joey’s style has nineties supermodel written all over it. From vintage tees, to leather jackets, to overalls with one strap undone, to boxy pantsuits, there is a nostalgic current running through her looks. Nevertheless, there is nothing outdated or costumey about what Joey wears. Her fashion leans more towards a revival than a throwback. For instance, although she sometimes wears a belt bag, which has undeniable roots in the pre-millennial era, her choice of a sleek Gucci piece updates the look to the present day. In a similar manner, Joey is able to seamlessly bring nineties trends, such as big hoop earrings and off-the-shoulder tops, into the 21st century with subtle upgrades in their material and design. Instead of the chunky plastic jewelry that appeared in the pages of Tiger Beat magazine, Joey wears three dainty, but big-diameter, rings of high carat gold through each earlobe. Instead of the scissor-cut cotton t-shirts that appeared in the scenes of Saved by the Bell, she drapes herself in a sumptuous rayon dress that exposes a clavicle. Though she is a nineties girl at heart, Joey remains a timeless style icon.

Pia Ugarte

Pia Ugarte Garcia-Morera is the co-founder and creative director of Viajecito, a local fashion brand that "was born out of the desire to create cool and modern pieces for the fashionable traveler." Viajecito's wares, mainly consisting of footwear and bags, aim to be beautiful, comfortable, practical, and accessible. The line of products, which includes duffle bags, totes, and woven-leather slides known as huaraches, packs a lot of character into each item, without compromising its simple sophistication. Likewise, Pia’s style also oozes personality while maintaining a distinct sleekness. One of the ways she is able to do this is by wearing bright prints in clean silhouettes. For instance, an indigenous print in pink, green, and yellow is paired with a bold salmon and fuschia stripe. Instead of clashing, the two prints create a cohesive eclecticness when sleekly worn as a cropped tank top with ankle-length trousers. Another way she is able to rein in what could be a wild look is by choosing one well-placed detail. For instance, a nude heel tones down and dresses up a patchwork frock in saturated reds and yellows. Just as her brand champions adventure, her own fashion choices deviate from the beaten path, but never at the cost of poise.

Laureen Uy

Style and travel blogger Laureen Uy will catch your eye in the middle of a crowd—even when that crowd includes the elite models and editors at Fashion Week. Being able to stand one’s ground amongst fashion’s heavy hitters is no small feat. But Laureen’s attention-grabbing looks are the optic equivalent of a megaphone, and the voice behind it is calling on all of us to join the party. While she certainly has all the sophistication and curatedness that other fashion influencers posses, Laureen’s style is exciting in a way that few others can match. She’s just downright fun. At the most recent New York Fashion Week, she sported an electric blue ‘do, which managed to be the least interesting part of her appearance. At this same Fashion Week, she donned a showstopping metallic trench coat that looked like pink foil. Not one to establish a predictable pattern, she later wore leather culottes with gothic platform boots. Balancing out the hardness of the outfit's bottom half, but still maintaining its punk sensibility, she topped the look off with a billowing neon yellow button-down, and a purple shearling coat with leather accents. In a world where personal style risks being watered down by a host of do’s and don’ts, Laureen’s eagerness to let loose pays off.