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Unpacking Moira's Tried-And-True Capsule Wardrobe

Take cues from Moira's everyday looks and her most recent performance outfit!

Only Moira can make a crowd sing in tears or pour their heart out through songs. The most-streamed Filipina artist on Spotify sure knows how to serenade the public with her angelic voice. Apart from her great influence in music, her understated off-duty looks are just as sweet as her anthems.

A self-confessed wallflower, Moira usually gravitates towards the classic tank top and jeans combo. She’s got an array of timeless pieces in her wardrobe like button downs, t-shirts, and trousers too. Finding pieces that will stand the test of time is no small feat but great ones will definitely last you a lifetime and Moira knows this!

Whenever she’s on stage, Moira channels her inner rockstar in head-to-toe black outfits—a complete contrast from her mellow tunes. She might don something sparkly every now and then but she will always stick to her foolproof performance looks. 

Take a look at the gallery down below to see her off-duty outfits and her most recent performance ensembles.

Photos from @moira on Instagram