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Exclusive: Rajo Laurel Stages His First Virtual Runway Show And Here's What's Gonna Happen!

The Filipino Designer braves a new world of fashion right before our eyes.

The House of Laurel leads a blazing path towards the future of fashion with its first virtual runway show. The best part? We're all first and center in watching it! Rajo Laurel releases his first virtual collection entitled Hacienda. In this Metro Exclusive, we asked the designer for his inspirations and approach to make this happen amidst these challenging times. 

“The collection is inspired by my desire to slow down.  I built a retreat home for my self in Batangas which was completed last year.  This where my family is from and from this stillness came forth the collection. A reaction to the imaginary rat race of our existing world. A return to a simpler way of living. A way to dream of what it is like to live with nature,” Rajo tells Metro. He was very particular on creating this virtual collection as a celebration of his hometown’s stillness, clean air, songbirds, and sunshine. In Rajo’s first virtual runway, we are set to experience this very collection in the comfort of our own mini haciendas at home. 


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#RajoRunwayOnline is the brain child of Rajo’s good friend, Robby Carmona of Saga Events. “It’s goal is to restart our beloved fashion community. A means to begin somehow, to jumpstart events and perhaps learn how to navigate ourselves into this brand new frontier.” Pioneering this new approach wasn’t a small feat. Rajo admits that this production was his most challenging yet. With an industry so tactile, it’s vital for the designer’s physical presence for an entire show to work. For Rajo, it was like doing a task with one or two of his senses removed but with passion and drive combined, he believed that nothing good will ever be easy. 

As we navigate our way towards the great unknown, the post-coronavirus world we are in the midst of, Rajo reminds us that we must begin and from our head start we will only get better, improve our practices, and remain hopeful.

Watch the #RajoRunwayOnline live and exclusively at Saga Events on May 19, 6PM PHT (UTC +8:00). 


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