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Two Michelin-starred Chefs, One Fabulous Taste Of Macau

A six-course dinner by Melco's award-winning culinary team highlights Macau's bid at gastronomic tourism

In recent years, Macau has made significant strides in transforming itself from just a gaming hub into a multi-faceted destination catering to both leisure and business travelers. 

Macau's stunning night skyline | Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Launched at the City of Dreams Manila, Melco Resorts & Entertainment partnered with the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) to entice Filipinos to visit Macau for its culinary offers. The recent 'Glow Your Way to Macau' event also highlighted the vibrant city's appeal as a key destination for meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) as well as leisure. 

Adding a flavorful touch to the event, Melco's award-winning culinary team from Macau crafted a six-course dinner to highlight Macau as a UNESCO-designated Creative City of Gastronomy for its culinary excellence. The team is comprised of Otto Wong (Executive Chef of 1-Michelin-Starred Pearl Dragon at Studio City), Kelvin Au Yeung (Executive Chef and Culinary Director, 3-Michelin-Starred Jade Dragon at City of Dreams Macau), and Calvin Soh (Vice President of Culinary, Melco Resorts & Entertainment).

From left: Kenneth Law, Director, Culinary Operations, Studio City; Executive Chef Otto Wong; Executive Chef and Culinary Director Kelvin Au Yeung; Chef Calvin Soh; and Christophe Duvernois, Executive Pastry Chef, City of Dreams Macau | City of Dreams Manila

Most of the dishes were devoid of any distractions or garnishes, just excellent ingredients executed perfectly. The flavors were clean and distinct, reflecting the chefs’ (and their teams’) expertise.

The dinner started with Chilled Alaskan King Crab by Otto Wong, executive chef of one-Michelin starred Pearl Dragon at Studio City Macau. The delicate white meat of the Alaskan King Crab was served with a stained-glass-like gelée made of aged yellow wine and topped with caviar. The sweetness of the crab paired well with the subtle briny flavors of the caviar and slight tanginess from the gelée. It was a strong start to a promising meal.

Chilled Alaskan King Crab | City of Dreams Manila

Next, we were served Deep-fried Scallop with fresh Sichuan pepper sauce by Kelvin Au Yeung, executive chef and culinary director at the three-Michelin starred Jade Dragon at City of Dreams Macau. The scallop — large, meaty, and beautifully cooked — was tender and moist, with its natural sweetness complementing the heat of the Sichuan pepper sauce. And speaking of that Sichuan pepper sauce! It was brightly flavored and hot in a pleasant way; it gives off heat without burning off your tongue, waking up your taste buds so you can enjoy the rest of the meal.

Deep-fried Scallop | City of Dreams Manila

The Roasted French Cod course was, at least for this writer, a prime example of culinary mastery. When you can just serve a piece of fish on a plate — no sides, no sauce, no garnish — it means you trust your food enough to stand on its own. The French Cod was cooked in aged Mandarin peels (one of Chef Otto’s favorite ingredients to use) and black beans before it was roasted. The fish was delicate and flaky and it absorbed the savory-sweetness of the sauce. Even without sides, the fish worked wonderfully. 

Roasted French Cod | City of Dreams Manila

The Slow-cooked Green Lip Abalone and Wagyu Beef Cheek with Truffle by Chef Kelvin Au Yeung. The Abalone was firm and the Wagyu Beef Cheek was extremely tender.

Slow-cooked Green Lip Abalone and Wagyu Beef Cheek with Truffle | City of Dreams Manila

As most Chinese restaurants do, the soup course was served last. Chef Kelvin Au Yeung’s Hot and Sour Soup had red prawns, chicken, and rice and wrapped up the savory courses with a nice bow.

Hot and Sour Soup | City of Dreams Manila

For dessert, Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Duvernois of City of Dreams Macau created Almond Crème Brûlée with milk tea ice cream.

Almond Crème Brûlée | City of Dreams Manila

In line with the Macau government's vision of diversifying visitor sources and driving sustained economic growth, Melco's Chief Operating Officer, David Sisk, emphasized, “The objective of our ‘Glow Your Way to Macau’ event is to attract a greater influx of international visitors by enhancing their perception of Macau. In highlighting Macau’s appeal as a key destination for business and leisure travelers, we aim to entice local stakeholders and travelers from the Philippines to visit Macau with its abundance of exciting historical and cultural offerings.”

To aid in this objective, Melco opened its first sales office in the Philippines at City of Dreams Manila.

Leading the toast at the Macao roadshow organized by Melco Resorts to promote the city’s diverse tourism offerings are (from left): Kevin Benning, Senior Vice President, Melco Resorts & Entertainment and Property General Manager of Studio City; Roberto Zozobrado, President of Tourism Congress of the Philippines; Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office; Sharlene Batin, Regional Director, The Philippine Department of Tourism – National Capital Region; Vincent U, President, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute; Kent Wong, Chief Advisor, Melco Resorts & Entertainment; and Ben Leong, Vice President, Global Marketing, City of Dreams Manila. | City of Dreams Manila

Sisk added, “The Philippines sales office, together with our forthcoming sales offices soon to be opened in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Republic of Cyprus, will serve as platforms to showcase the unique charm of Macau to international tourists.”

“Following the activation of Melco’s Macau Regional Sales Office last month here in Manila, this event celebrates the opening of a brand-new avenue to boost tourism relations between the Philippines and Macau. Melco Resorts needs no introduction neither in the Philippines nor in Macau, and I am very encouraged to see Melco leverage its well-established tourism brand to drive visitor flows between our two sides,” shared Macau Government Tourism Office Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes.

Mouthwatering Macau: A Journey Through Food


Mouthwatering Macau: A Journey Through Food

Visit Macau Tourism's official website for more information on tourism and promotions

Photos courtesy of City of Dreams Manila