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Tatung Launches Adobo Fried Chicken At BB.Q Chicken

Tara chimaek tayo!

Famous for its ‘roles’ as a favorite setting in K-dramas like Goblin and Crash Landing On You, Korea’s iconic BB.Q Chicken has come out with a country exclusive flavor for the first time ever. In collaboration with Chef Tatung Sarthou, an esteemed culinary figure and award-winning cookbook author (among many other accomplishments), BB.Q Chicken is launching Adobo Chicken, an exclusive new flavor available from June 12 to July 12 only. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Philippine Independence Day (June 12).

This marks the first time in history that this renowned Korean franchise has undertaken such an extraordinary collaboration. There's a saying that you can get to know a culture through its food. Today, you have the unique opportunity to experience both Filipino and Korean flavors and culture. Tara Chimaek tayo!

Tara chimaek tayo! | BBQ.Chicken PH

Chimaek is a pairing of fried chicken and beer, served at South Korean restaurants, including a number of specialized chains such as BB.Q Chicken. The wording is derived from combining the word 치 [chi] from 치킨 [chikin] and the 맥 [maek] from 맥주 [maekju], the Korean word for beer. There is also Somaek (소맥) which is a beer cocktail made with soju and beer. Stay tuned on our Instagram page @bbqchickenphofficial because we’ll be launching our own Filmaek soon. 

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BB.Q Chicken, BGC Central, 7th Avenue, Taguig | IG: @bbqchickenphofficial