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LOOK: Flour Pot Rum Cakes Opens Store In Manila

Their amazing freshly- baked doughnuts, cheddar and bleu cheese rolls, and rum cake are now in a neighborhood near you!

Good news for the fans of Flour Pot Manila’s sensational line of cakes and desserts. They’ve opened a kitchen in San Juan—so much closer than their original location in Tagaytay! Now you can order your cakes for pick up and delivery every day!  As they say hello to the neighborhood, they're offering free delivery all over Metro Manila from March 27 to 31. 

“Our clients were commenting that [with the] lead times, our cakes aren’t too accessible,” explained Chef Rhea Castro Sycip, who owns and runs the Flour Pot. Admittedly, selling cakes and desserts from their original outlet in Tagaytay presented logistical problems. For example, they have had to consolidate orders to make delivery costs from Tagaytay to Manila more manageable. 

The new kitchen in San Juan puts Flour Pot right in the heart of Metro Manila. Now you can order your cakes  without too long a lead time required. Buyers have the option to pick up the cakes themselves. And best of all, Flour Pot can extend its line to freshly baked doughnuts every day.

Remember these strawberry doughnuts that Flour Pot singlehandedly made into a craze at the height of pandemic? 

Even before Flour Pot opened it’s first brick and mortar opened in Tagaytay back in 2019, it’s owner Chef Rhea Castro Sycip, was famous for her rum cake. Made with artisanal butter from Bukidnon, free range eggs, and premium small-batch local rum, it was irresistibly moist, buttery with a heady hit of deep rum flavor. We discovered it by word of mouth in 2015 and were so impressed it became the surprise cover of the holiday issue of FOOD Magazine back in 2015. 


Since it opened in Tagaytay, Flour Pot Manila has been churning out dessert hit after hit after hit Planning to order?   Contact: 0916 493 7488 | FB: @flourpotmanila | IG: @flourpotmanila | Address: 11 Mons Street, San Juan, Manila.